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Invader was here

Perhaps you have already seen those little mosaic creatures on the walls or at the bend in the street; an alien, a seagull or the basilica of Notre Dame? These atypical and colorful works have bloomed in the city under the summer sun! There are 100 of them, all scattered in the 4 corners of the city! Go and discover these surprising mosaics by the artist Invader and let yourself be carried to the MAMO, located in the Art Center of Le Corbusier, where an exhibition is entirely dedicated to him!

Published on 24 September 2020

INVADER and its works around the world

Invader is a French artist born in the 1970s. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Paris and specialized in urban mosaics. His first mosaic was installed in the Bastille district in Paris in 1996, it is a Space Invader which he nicknamed “the scout”, but it was actually 2 years later that the invasion would really begin. He would then realize and install his works in all the cities of the world, usually in strategic places where it could be seen by all, but we also find his mosaics far from the big cities (as for example in Forcalquier, La Ciotat, …) or in unusual places such as at the bottom of the bay of Cancun, where in 2007, 2 works were deposited. One of his “space2” works even went into space aboard the Ariane 5 rocket to be installed on board the International Space Station.

His mosaics will evolve over time, we no longer find only extraterrestrials (Spaces Invaders) but real characters, imaginary characters or objects (fish, an octopus, the pink panther, Woody Allen, etc …). His works are unique and are referenced in a database and mapped by the artist himself. Like many Urban Art Artists, his works are often installed quickly and without permission, usually at night. Like Banksy, he wishes to remain anonymous and appears most of the time masked or disguised (Some of his “anonymous” outfits can be found at the exhibition “Invader was here” at MaMo).

The “invasion” is now spreading all over the world and Marseille is the 2nd largest French city to have been “colonized”.

There are now 3954 Space Invaders throughout the world.

Invading in Marseille, an open-air exhibition!

At the beginning of summer 2020, Invader invaded the urban space of the Phocaean city to install its creatures. The artist, who has already been here twice in the past, has achieved a remarkable feat this year by installing more than 80 works of art in just two months! It is the invasion on the Planet Marseille! We count today in Marseille nearly a hundred mosaics distributed from Les Goudes to L’Estaque! The purpose of the game now is to find all these mosaics hidden in different neighborhoods of Marseille! A real treasure hunt.

It is in this atypical place that is the MaMo (Art Center located on the roof of the famous building le Corbusier), that Invader installed his “base camp” and thus could prepare and work in secret all summer long. The MaMo is today the nerve center of this open-air exhibition!
The mosaics were first installed around the MaMo Art Center, and then in the city, the Artist speaks of “urban acupuncture”.

Did you know?

In 1998 Invader installed ten Space Invaders mosaics without authorization in the Louvre museum in Paris. So well hidden, some of them remained there for several years without being discovered! Today, there are none left.

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