More than just a museum in Marseille

A day at the Mucem

The Mucem may be looked at as a symbolical bridge linking different Mediterranean cultures, but it is also literally seen  as a central point from which  new circulations have been created between the Vieux-Port, the Panier and Joliette districts. Designed as an architectural journey, discover an amazing visit outside the museum by simply walking around. The tour is worth it !

Published on 26 October 2020

Admire the modern architecture

Arriving in front of the Mucem I first take time to admire the former J4 Pier both facing the sea and closing the Old Port of Marseille. I do appreciate this modern, clear, and unique style building in the city.

I start walking around the façades and feel all senses awaken: light spreading through 15,000sqm of gracile mesh, smooth sensation of Ricciotti’s innovative concrete, the rumoring atmosphere of passers-by and visitors, alternating sightseeings.

Discover Marseille and its civilizations

Entering the museum, my visit begins with « Connectivités », the permanent exhibition. I immediately dive into the history of the Mediterranean and its famous port cities.

The exhibition follows the footstep of the French historian Fernand Braudel crossing along with him the 16th and 17th centuries of the Mediterranean.

Here I am, back in time discovering the urban and contemporary development of many different port territories: Casablanca, Cairo, Istanbul, and Marseille megacities.


A break in the terraced gardens

It’s almost noon, the sun is high in the sky. When walking around the magnificent terrace of the museum, the view over the harbour is overwhelming. As I continue my walk outside, dancing points of light reflected by the architecture surround me. Benches outside are a welcome sight to sit in the shade of olive trees and enjoy the atmosphere of Provence.

Where to eat at Mucem?

Meals on the go or in the Môle Passedat rooftop restaurant

After finishing my tour, it’s now time for lunch. The Mucem offers a large choice for everyone.

As I don’t have enough time for a gastronomic break offered by the various restaurants, I decide to have a quick snack at the Mucem kiosk and have it outside in the shade.

If I really want to enjoy myself for my next visit, I’ll treat myself to the chef Gérald Passedat’s cuisine at the restaurant ‘Le Môle, La Table’, which offers gastronomic ‘Bistrot chic’ cuisine on the  Mucem rooftop, facing the magnificent bay.

Exhibitions, more exhibitions

Once my express lunch is over, it’s time to get back and see the other exhibitions.

Temporary exhibitions, events, and displays are running all year round.

L’Orient Sonore, exposed until the 4th of January 2021 in video format, sends me into a universe full of voices, instruments, music, and movements that immersed me in Arabic and oriental culture.

La Flore De A à Z, exposed at Fort Saint-Jean until the 11th of January 2021, deploys a floral primer in 26 letters and honours the flora surrounding us. I continued this exhibition by going through the beautiful Fort Saint-Jean Migration garden.


End the day in the Panier district

Near the Mucem, the Panier district is one of the must-see districts of Marseille. To end the day in style,  I decide to cross over the imposing footbridge and get from Fort Saint-Jean to the famous district of the Phocean City. Thus, I stroll through the narrow streets where I feel, for a short moment, far from the rest of the city.


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