Gift made in Provence

Where to shop for Christmas ?

For Christmas this year, take advantage of our local businesses and surround your tree with 100% Marseille gifts! Discover the list of Christmas gifts made in Marseille that will please the whole family!

Published on 29 November 2023

Gifts for gourmets

Whether as a gift or simply as part of your Christmas meal, a wide range of 100% handmade delicacies from Marseille will be ideal for the festive season. These merchants are pulling out all the stops to delight you this year! Don’t hesitate to succumb to temptation, where the quality and authenticity of the products will thrill your taste buds!

  • Le Four des Navettes

    (re)Discover Marseille’s famous orange blossom navettes, fresh from the oven. A Marseille institution located at the foot of Saint Victor Abbey.

    136, rue Sainte (Saint-Victor) 13007 Marseille

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  • Les Navettes des Accoules

    Les navettes des Accoules are located in the Panier district and produce the famous navette marseillaise, this orange blossom-flavored cookie. José Orsoni, a Marseilles-Corsica master craftsman, also offers delicately flavored Canistrelli and Cucciole.

    68 Rue Caisserie, 13002 Marseille

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  • Les sablés Marseillais

    Their specialty? La frétillante. This is an artisanal shortbread designed in an exclusive mold representing the emblem of Marseille’s historic heritage: the sardine. They also offer a wide range of shortbread in the shapes of the sea: seashells, seahorses, starfish…

    12 Rue de l’Évêché, 13002 Marseille

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  • Nouchig

    This is the benchmark for dragées, but it’s also a very good address for chocolate (from chocolatier creator Fabrice Gillotte) and confectionery such as pâte de fruits and calissons.

    45, rue Vacon 13001 Marseille

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  • L'espérantine Chocolaterie

    L’Espérantine is a unique artisan chocolatier, offering quality, authentic products. What we love? Its fruity olive oil chocolates!

    Les Voûtes de la Major 17 Quai de La Tourette 13002 Marseille

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  • Chocolatier/ Confiserie Dromel Aîné

    Dromel Ainé is Marseille’s oldest chocolate confectionery. It specializes in the manufacture of marrons glacés. You can also find chocolates, calissons, nougat, confectionery…

    19 Avenue du Prado 13006 Marseille

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  • Sylvain Depuichaffray chocolate factory

    The Sylvain Depuichaffray patisserie offers sublime cake creations that please both the eyes and the taste buds. It’s also an exceptional chocolaterie with the famous “Navettes du Palais” with a hint of aniseed, praline and a hint of orange blossom.

    66, rue Grignan 13001 Marseille

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  • La Chocolatière de Marseille

    High-quality artisanal products, made on site with unique know-how. Makers of the genuine “Barre Marseillaise”, a real treat for the taste buds!
    The chocolate factory also makes chocolates with no added sugar.

    35 Rue Vacon, 13001 Marseille
    04 91 11 96 24

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  • Fromagerie La Meulerie

    Discover a selection of the best farmhouse cheesemakers with quality producers at this cheese shop. You’ll also find a delicatessen corner.

    9 Grand Rue, 13002 Marseille
    04 96 22 13 68

    249 corniche Kennedy
    13007 Marseille

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The gifts

Discover our selection of boutiques offering gift ideas that make reference to our beautiful city of Marseille! Sardines, pastis, pétanque balls… let yourself be inspired!

  • La Boule Bleue

    La Boule Bleue, a century-old family business, is a benchmark in the world of pétanque in Marseille. It’s possible to have your own custom-made triplette de boules. It’s a basic must-have as a good Marseillais!

    4 Place des 13 Cantons – 13002 Marseille

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  • Le Marseillais

    Le Marseillais is a seafaring spirit brand aimed at people attached to Marseille and its environment. It offers clothing for women, men and children, and the flocking is done in their own screen-printing workshop in Marseille.

    73, Boulevard de la Méditerranée – 13015 Marseille

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  • Savonnerie Marseillaise de la Licorne

    A Marseille tradition of craftsmanship. Come and discover our 2-storey boutique in the Old Port. A wide selection of products, soaps, essential oils, decorative objects, there’s something for everyone! If you wish, you can even visit the soap museum next door.

    26 Quai de Rive Neuve, 13007 Marseille

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  • Marseille en vacances

    100% Marseilles tee-shirts for the whole family, inspired by the Marseilles way of speaking. Many accessories are also on sale: cushions, pouches, bags, mugs…

    7 Rue Bailli de Suffren – 13001 Marseille

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  • Cristal Limiñana

    Here, pastis is in the spotlight. anise drinks, from pastis de Marseille to anisette, are all made at this factory in Marseille. You can even take a tour of the factory (booking required)

    99-101 Boulevard Jeanne d’Arc, 13005 Marseille
    04 91 47 66 72 –

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Wellness gifts

  • L'Occitane en Provence

    L’Occitane en Provence offers well-being products based on essential oils and natural ingredients from Provence, for a unique and luminous beauty. From body, face and hair care to make-up and fragrance, discover their products committed to fair trade.

    22 Rue Haxo 13001 Marseille

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  • Compagnie de Provence

    In 1990 two friends from Marseille created this brand with the aim of preserving the traditional Marseille soap cube. Now, many cosmetic products are offered with high-quality ingredients: creams, skincare products, candles…

    18 Rue Francis Davso 13001 Marseille

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  • Père Blaize

    The pharmacie herboristerie du Père Blaize is a Marseille institution in the art of healing with plants. Among their thousands of products: medicinal herbs, herbal teas and essential oils, the fruit of traditional know-how.

    4 Rue Meolan et du Père Blaize, 13001 Marseille

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  • Dammann Frères

    Dammann Frères recently set up shop in downtown Marseille. The company offers teas and infusions of the highest quality, including a “Noël en Provence” black tea with honey, fig and strawberry flavors, which we invite you to discover.

    9 Rue Paradis, 13001 Marseille

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Gifts for fashionistas

For your loved ones (or for yourself), we’ve selected a selection of Made in Marseille boutiques! Inspired by Provence and Marseille, you’ll find rare gems in these boutiques!

  • Souleiado

    Sunny fabrics in the colors of Provence!

    21 Rue Francis Davso, 13001 Marseille

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  • Trois fenêtres

    Trois fenêtres is a concept store teeming with items and gift ideas. Fashion, decor, jewelry you’re sure to find the rare pearl here!

    5 Rue du Petit Puits, 13002 Marseille

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  • Maison Casablanca

    A 100% Marseillaise design house with shimmering colors and prints.

    63 Cours julien – 13006 Marseille
    04 91 47 16 48

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  • Azul

    This concept store offers a true Mediterranean art of living. You’ll discover a selection of furniture, home decor, fashion and jewelry in the colors of the South.

    73 Rue Francis Davso, 13001 Marseille
    09 73 56 05 29

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  • Creations Mary Bags

    Believable bags 100% from Marseille! For 3 generations, this family of leather craftsmen has been offering exceptional craftsmanship and bags that are always up to date. This boutique-Atelier is a must in Marseilles fashion.

    1 Rue Fort du Sanctuaire – 13006
    04 91 37 14 49

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Gifts for the little ones

Make the little ones happy and surround your tree with 100% Marseille toys and clothes that will make their eyes shine!

  • Justine's Doudous

    This is the world of little ones! Decorations, fashion, childcare, you’ll find everything you want in a soft and warm atmosphere.

    201 Rue Paradis, 13006 Marseille

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  • Arthur my hero

    A colorful and cheerful boutique! You’ll find a wide variety of toys, games, small decorative items, stationery, for all ages and all prices!

    110 Cours Julien – 13006 Marseille
    04 91 47 36 20

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  • L'île aux enfants

    Specializing in creative wooden toys and games (but not only!). Quality toys.

    32 Place aux Huiles – 13001 Marseille

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  • 1.2.3 Solène

    Concept store for children, this place is a real delight!
    You will find a boutique dedicated to children (between0 and 10 years old), a tea room, a gallery (offers exhibitions dedicated to the youngest) and also workshops.

    20 Boulevard Longchamp – 13001 Marseille
    04 84 88 54 85

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  • La paix des ménages

    Children’s clothing and accessories all made in Marseille and customizable.

    107 Boulevard Chave – 13005 Marseille

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More responsible gifts

  • Les flamants verts

    A place totally dedicated to making natural, zero-waste cosmetics.
    Workshops on demand. Several formulas are available. A lovely gift to offer.

    6 rue Marengo – 13006 Marseille
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  • Atelier poupe

    A boutique decoration, which gives a second life to old boat fenders. Real marvels come out of this Marseilles workshop.

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  • Okjo

    A zero-waste and eco-responsible boutique. Products for the kitchen, the bathroom, household products, but also you will find objects dedicated to children and gift ideas.

    106 Corniche Kennedy, 13007 Marseille.
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  • Avril

    A whole range of organic cosmetics.

    50, rue Saint Ferréol – 13001 Marseille
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  • Espigas

    Spadrilles and slippers Made in Marseille.

    3 Cours Jean-Ballard – 13001 Marseille
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The little attention that will always please

If you don’t have any particular ideas, here’s a list that will give you some! Several boutiques to delight your loved ones.

  • Ravel pottery

    Unique expertise, this family-run business has been around for 5 generations. It is one of the oldest ceramic manufacturers in France. You’ll find exceptional terracotta pots here!

    8 Avenue des Goums – 13400 Aubagne
    04 42 18 79 79

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  • Edition Parenthèse

    A little reading…

    72 Cours Julien – 13006 Marseille

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  • La Butinerie

    La butinerie is an original concept, a café-flower shop! You’ll find seasonal flowers only from local growers. Take advantage of this suspended time to enjoy tea, coffee or a gourmet pastry.

    103 Rue Sainte – 13007
    04 91 61 47 38

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  • Maison Empereur

    You’re sure to find just the thing here! All the small hardware, from the most unusual kitchen items to curtain rods and their small accessories. You’ll go from sanitaryware to wood and glass cutting, from locksmithing to gardening, from DIY to painting and even beauty products!

    4 Rue Des Récolettes – 13001 Marseille
    04 91 54 15 01 –