pizza devant four à bois

The top pizzerias in Marseille

Pizza, like the OM football team, is a must! We have selected a list of favourite pizzerias, although it is not complete and remains however personal, guaranteed success!

Published on 10 May 2022
Estelle Desrutins
  • Marseille in 3 words

    Solar, bubbling, authentic

  • My favourite neighbourhood

    Saint-Victor. Historical district with its Abbey so famous in Marseille since it is there that the famous orange blossom shuttles are blessed every year at Candlemas, but also trendy district with great addresses for a drink and a meal.

Oh Bonne Mère !

The Pizzeria Bonne Mère it’s more than  an added value, we talk about  institution in the Vauban district! Located on the street  ‘Fort du Sanctuaire’, it’s the address where everyone meets and where Maëva, the colourful chef, sets the mood in Marseille. Whether you eat in or take away, we advise you to make a reservation because it is often full! We recommend the Bonne Mère and the  Fanny, which are not to be missed.

All at Chez Sauveur

It is in the popular district of Noailles where the restaurant Chez Sauveur has been nestled for more than 70 years and whose reputation is a reflection of its ever-growing attendance both inside and outside the brand.  Since its opening, this oven is still active for the famous wood-fired cooking of pizzas for which we stop for a lunch break or dinner with friends. Its pizzas are the direct fruit of the local market located in the heart of Noailles.. We suggest the great classics, the margherita or the rocket one!

The one which gives us l'Eau à la Bouche

How can you talk about pizzerias without mentioning l’Eau à la Bouche ? The little restaurant at the crossroads of  Malmousque, the Corniche and  Endoume is a must-see . In summer, it’s even a weekend tradition to have a pizza from l’Eau à la Bouche, a bottle of rosé et take a dip in the Malmousque district. The very recognisable boxes are on the arms of all the locals of Marseille as soon as the sun comes out. The fine pastry and fresh, delicious ingredients make you salivate, and Jacquemus himself has made no mistake about it, as it was mentioned in its Marseille city guide.
If you don’t know what to choose : l’Angelina, simple but incredible with its raw ham and olive oil, or the Olga for its originality with salmon and  faisselle.

Chez Etienne, a mythical table in the Panier district

The mythical pizzeria of Marseille. Chez Etienne, located in the heart of the Panier district, it’s almost like being in Naples! As there is no reservation, you have to come early to eat two choices of pizza, cheese or anchovies, or the typical of Marseille the “mi-mi”, a mixture of the two. At Etienne’s pizzeria, you also go there for its unusual atmosphere, its old photos of stars who have passed through the restaurant on the wall, and its Marseille-style service without fuss!

Charly Pizza, unbeatable price and quality

The kings of street-food pizza are at Charly Pizza. Near la Canebière street, no one is mistaken and the queue in front of the small shop clearly shows the enthusiasm of the people of Marseille for  Charly since 1962 ! Beyond the unbeatable prices  (around 4€ for a cheese pizza), it’s the freshness of the ingredients, the local fruits and vegetables and its cosmopolitan recipes that make Charly Pizza so succeful. Its historic stand is in the Noailles district but you can also find another shop that recently opened just next to the Place Général de Gaulle.

Chez Zé, the unmistakable pizza with small squids

At the gates of the Calanques National Park, is a famous restaurant Chez Zé, specializing in wood-fired pizzas since 1960, well known by the people of Marseille.  But insiders know that if there is only one pizza to try, it is of course the squid ink pizza with supions! Ever eat a black pizza? Surprising but delicious, this recipe would originate from Sicily, and the Cimolai family has been cooking it for three generations!

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