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The novelties in the Docks Village !


Genuine place of life of Marseille, the Docks Village is five buildings, around 30 shops, restaurants, and numerous offices. A historic building for the city, the Docks village today represents a symbol of the Mediterranean lifestyle.
Discover the novelty of the Docks village this summer!
The Docks Village is a place that is often renewed.
You can wander around the shops, eat, or take care of yourself… The Docks Village represents the authenticity of Marseille and often offers its public novelties.

Published on 10 May 2021

The ‘Place des Canailles’ for the bons vivants

Discover at the start of June 2021 in Marseille, an unexpected place of life!
A temporary project that is sure to mark your mind, the ‘Place des Canailles’ is a unique concept that revisits the art of living the French life. It’s the meeting not-to-be- missed for  epicureans and jovials!

With more than 1200 sqm dedicated to creators’ boutiques, leisure spaces and animations, artistic exhibitions, and spaces dedicated to catering. La Place des Canailles will please both young and old.

Two bars have been added to the décor, to delight lovers of good coffee or  good wine. A big gourmet hall will be put in place with a different menu every day, prepared by a local starred chef. Fresh produces, labelled and local, the dishes will delight your tastebuds.

In short, the ‘place des canailles is the event that combines  sharing, conviviality, and quality, not to be missed !

Discover all the informations on La Place des Canailles !

Spok arrives in the Dock village of Marseille

The good lunchtime ‘cantine du midi’ restaurant moved to the Docks Village on the 9 of march!

Eat fast and well with Spok! The franchise that has more than 40 restaurants in France, has made the Docks its new home and offers meals cooked on the spot with fresh produces. Salad, cervices (south American seafood dish), sandwiches, or homemade desserts, spok is the ideal place to simply eat well.

Every day of the week, the restaurant offers dedicated, creative, and gourmet dishes.

Spok offers the perfect mix between the codes of traditional catering ( a Chef, fresh produces, and dishes of the day) with the ones of fast food.

A vos fourchettes !

Les Docks Village – 10 place de la Joliette, Marseille 2 –

Foodclub the incubator of culinary talents

The Docks Village is training the chefs of tomorrow with foodclub, the first incubator of culinary talents!

Un big project that is far from traditional teaching schemes!

Foodclub counts three phases:

  • Call for candidates in march
  • The selection of chefs: during June, 9 chefs and 16 apprentices will have the chance of putting their knives down on the ‘Place du Marché’ of the Docks village!
  • Incubation: for 12 months, starting in April, the young selected will follow entrepreneurial training and techniques applied in the catering industry.

The principal objective of foodclub is to accompany the creators of catering concepts and their apprentices to help them develop toward a sustainable approach and become the strong links of catering.

Terrasses have been thought to welcome around 50 people outdoors.  Chefs and their apprentices will test their ability to serve more than 100 people during several services! Seven  original food concept corners will be put in place.

A pretty stepping stone for these cooking enthusiasts.

Les Docks Village – Place Paul Ricard – 10 place de la Joliette, Marseille 2 – www.lesdocks

The creator’s summer in Marseille

The collective of Marseille Fask puts all of the creators of the south under the spotlight this summer, by launching a call to all candidates to artisans wishing to expose their concept store of 200 sqm in the docks village, and on their website: !

Ready-to-wear, jewellery, leather goods, accessories, perfumery… every one is invited to try their luck!

For  buyers, every customers sensitive  local fashion creations and fashion are expected on June 1st to discover the stalls!

Registration is open until May 14th.

You can submit you applications to the following email address: