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Unusual side-car tour in Marseille

There are many ways to visit Marseille. On foot, by boat, by bike… But there is also the side-car! I’ll take you with me on an original trip to Marseille!

Published on 3 September 2021

An original outing in Marseille

Seeing side-cars on the roads has always intrigued me, and I always wanted to ride one. Today, it’s done!

It is with Eric, in love with his region and passionate about motorcycles, that our tour begins.

That day, we are two to try the activity. At 9:30 am, Eric comes to pick us up in front of the Tourist Office of Marseille. Our helmets (provided) on the head, we climb on the motorcycle side-car. The team leaves you the choice of the departure!

I climb behind our driver of the day and Jade, who accompanies me, sits in the “basket” of the side-car. The side-cars can accomodate a total of 3 people: the driver, and both participants of the activity.

Very vintage, Eric’s side-cars are magnificent, and attract the eye of passers-by! They are a real invitation to take the road, and to discover our city differently.

A small selfie to immortalize this moment, and we leave!

The feeling of riding a motorcycle sidecar is completely different from what I had imagined. We are rather comfortable, stable, and the road is not so much felt! It’s quite warm and it’s really nice to ride in the open air.

We start our city-tour by the “quai du port” of Marseille. In front of us, a splendid view on the Old Port and Notre-Dame de la Garde. We go on to the “Joliette” district and we begin to ride through the narrow streets of Marseille.

Discover Marseille differently

Visit the corners of Marseille

Despite the size of the sidecar, strolling through the narrow streets of the Panier district is not that  complicated! Eric manages his vehicle perfectly, and takes us on a tour of the pretty streets of the ‘Panier’ district

We make a few stops to take pictures of the neighborhood, and we go through small streets that I had never seen before.

It is a pleasure to (re)discover your city in this way. Eric continues his way in this historic district of the city and we go deeper and deeper into the old Marseille.

Punctuated by comments on the city by our driver of the day, this city tour tour of Marseille continues towards Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica.

Notre-Dame de la Garde by side-car

Going up to Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica in a side-car is a pure joy. The view is simply splendid, and you will never  tire of it.

Eric goes up slowly towards Notre-Dame de la Garde, and we stop in front of it. The weather is beautiful. We  look back at the ride we have just done, and land facing Marseille. Eric takes the time we need to make the most of this experience. He doesn’t rush us, and it’s important for him that each person to live his experience. A side-car tour with him is synonymous with relaxation and discovery!

After this stop at Notre-Dame de la Garde, we go back down through ‘Vauban’ and its picturesque streets. We discover some magnificent corners of the district.

An unforgettable outing in Marseille

To return to the Tourist Office, we pass by the Corniche, and the show is always as pleasant as ever. Well installed in our side-car, the stability of the vehicle allows us to fully enjoy the scenery that surround us.

After the ‘Corniche’, we arrive at the Vieux-Port, and what can I say is that we do not miss being noticed! The side-car has the particularity of attracting all eyes! It is true that in Marseille, it is not a vehicle that we are used to see. We’re being photographed, on video, and some people have even come to us telling how impressive this vehicle is.

Born in Marseille, Eric promises to show me  hidden Marseille places… Not very convinced at the beginning that a non native of Marseille would make me discover my city, I must admit that he kept his promise.

The city-tour of Marseille in a side-acr is an unforgettable moment. Good mood, discovery and originality were all there!