Are you up for a bargain?

Tour of second-hand clothes shops and consignment sales in Marseille

Want to hunt for vintage gems? To consume responsibly? Come and discover this small selection (because there are many) of thrift stores in Marseille. 1950s, 1990s, 2000s, streetwear, casual or chic, Marseille’s second-hand boutiques offer a wide choice of styles. There is something for every taste ! If you are looking for quality, unique and original clothing, with a story to tell, or just at a low price, go and discover the boutiques of these clothing enthusiasts.

Published on 8 April 2023
Chloé Tixier
  • Marseille in 3 words

    Cosmopolitan, lively, warm.

  • My favourite neighbourhood

    Endoume. For the beauty of the architecture, the unique view, the meeting of all the populations of Marseille at the edge of the creeks.


United States, Japan, Korea, At VinCult’ you will only find unique pieces and sportswear from the 1980s, 1990s and decor that immerses you in the atmosphere. Are you looking for that rare, unique or original gem? This is the place to come! The manager is passionate and with a little luck, he will even tell you the story of the jacket you just bought! For football fans, there are some gems to discover!
6, rue Lafon 13006 Marseille

Friperies Machin Machine

Friperies Machin Machine store was born two years ago in Marseille, in the Préfecture district, in the same place where years before, on rue de la Palud, the people of Marseillais came to hunt. Christophe and Djamila, with atypical backgrounds, have joined forces to offer second-hand clothing of all styles, for men and women. You can find Levi’s jeans and jackets, sportswear, and the famous Hawaiian shirts popular in the South region all year round.

80, rue de la Palud 13006 Marseille

La Môme Marseille

Recently established, La Môme Marseille, this consignment store, is the place where you will undoubtedly find pieces from major brands at knockdown prices. Bash, Sandro, Maje, Reik… Aurélie, an inveterate fan of beautiful clothes, handpicks her selection of quality pieces for a boutique filled with pretty gems. An economical and ecological solution, you can even drop off what you no longer wear!
47a Bd Paul Peytral, 13006 Marseille

Sepia Swing club

If you’re looking for high-end vintage pieces, you’ve found your favorite store! Marion, this collector and enthusiast of vintage clothing with a love of authentic pieces. If you are a fan of vintage at low prices, Sepia Swing Club is your ideal place!
38, rue des Trois Mages, 13006 Marseille

Emmaüs at the Docks Village

It is possible to dress yourself and help those most in need by purchasing from Emmaüs. You will find a very wide choice of clothes, books, games, for young and old and always at low prices. In the heart of Joliette, come and support the Emmaüs community! Les Dock Village,
10, place de la Joliette, 13002, Marseille

Chardon Noir

Dark and tangy, wild but refined, Chardon Noir invites you to explore its dark and deliciously punk universe. A thrift store and upcycling designer far from traditional morals, with a black, raw and offbeat universe which gives the possibility of transcending one’s identity! Chardon Noir is part of the DarkMatter conceptstore where there is also a piercer specializing in ear reflexology who has a wide selection of jewelry, as well as two tattoo artists.
22 Rue Saint-Michel, 13006 Marseille

Coco Vintage

Stephen Arrastres, an inveterate bargain hunter, offers in his COCO vintage boutique in Marseille a selection of clothing found individually from second-hand dealers, flea markets, sorting centers and more recently at the Théâtre des Calanques. In the store you will find a range of clothing from the 1980s to the 2000s, selected for their style and quality while respecting current trends.
13 rue des Trois Mages, 13001 Marseille

Out of Space Vintage Shop

Out of space: Non-conformist and non-elitist vintage boutique accessible to all, which has become essential since 2016. Even Jacquemus has been there! A veritable Ali Baba’s cave of the future where wardrobes of curiosities sorted by color and other oddities mingle to contemplate in a tangy 1970’s atmosphere. Be careful, you could spend hours there because the place is so full of gems…
23 Rue Fontange, 13006 Marseille

Kenza Boutique

For 16 years now, the Kenza Fripes boutique has been offering items at very low prices. Jeans for €2.50, jackets for €5, shoes for €4… New items are put on the shelves every day. An Ali Baba’s cave for bargain hunters, students, and second-hand clothes fans. For all styles: Vintage, sport, classic… You will definitely find something there!
52 rue Puvis de Chavannes 13002 Marseille

Coeur de chineur

Tony welcomes you to his store opened a little over 2 months ago in the Réformés district. He is keen to introduce you to his favorite field: thrift shopping! A vintage universe, where objects and clothes take place in order to bring you happiness and offer you great treasures!
3E rue Bernex, 13001 Marseille

Kilo Shop

Open at the beginning of February 2023, you can find a variety of pieces at kilo shop, fans of the 1980s and 1990s you will find what you are looking for there!
38, rue Saint Férreol – 13001 Marseille

Second life

Very beautiful high-end vintage pieces to discover in this city center boutique.
3, rue Francis Davso – 13001 Marseille