Top 5 places to swim in Marseille

Want to take a dip? In Marseille, there are many places to swim, discover the top 5 prettiest coves and small beaches to cool off this summer!

L'Anse de Maldormé

It’s certainly one of the prettiest places to take a dip in Marseille! Located at the bottom of the Le Petit Nice establishment, Anse de Maldormé is a unique place in Marseille. A 100% Marseille cove, known to locals, where Marseille youth and elders meet to enjoy this crystal clear water.

Le Bain des Dames

Located behind Pointe Rouge, this pretty picturesque beach littered with Marseille huts is an ideal spot for swimming in Marseille! A place full of charm and authenticity that the people of Marseillais love. The Bain des Dames beach is an unmissable place during your summer in Marseille!

L’Abri Côtier

Also called Plage des Phocéens, this small beach located in the Montredon district, shortly before Les Goudes, is known and loved by local residents. This small, discreet beach is perfect for taking a dip this summer in Marseille!

La plage de la Verrerie / Chez Dédé

Surrounded by typical Marseille huts, plage de la Verrerie is legendary for the people of Marseille. This natural sand beach (one of the few here) is the ideal place to feel like you are in Marseille. Authentic and protected by the locals, the Plage de la Verrerie is best appreciated in the morning, for a calm moment facing the sea.

La Baie des Singes / Le Cap Croisette

The Baie des Singes is like being in Marseille without really being there… This spot of coves and small sandy spots, lined with sheds, is in the heart of the village of Les Goudes. Facing Maïre Island, this end-of-the-world beach is an unforgettable place in Marseille for swimming.