La joconde exposition immersive

Mona Lisa Immersion Exhibition

10 March 2022 > 21 August 2022

Live a multi-sensory experience to discover La Joconde, an immersive exhibition. Located in the  Grand Hall of the  Palais de la Bourse on the Canebière, this exhibition invites you to rediscover this masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci through various stories and surprising sensory experiences.

Published on 24 February 2022

A world famous work of art

Exhibited at the  Louvre Museum,  the  Joconde or Mona Lisa is one of the most emblematic portraits in the history of painting. With her famous smile and her eyes that seem to be staring at you regardless of the position from which you look at her, she arouses interest and has become a worldwide  icon.

But why is this the most famous painting in the world?  A seemingly simple question whose varied, complex and surprising answers allow visitors to access an understanding of part of the myth and above all of the work itself, beyond false mysteries and clichés.

Playful and sensory rediscovery

The exhibition offers a re-discovery of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece through stories and sensory experiences that are articulated at different levels:

  1. The entire walls of the exhibition space are covered with “skin-landscape” inspired by various works by Leonardo da Vinci such as the Virgin with the Rocks   Vierge aux rochers or even the   Sainte Anne.  The landscapes resulting from these works are composed and interact to create a panoramic universe animating the space, with original graphic textures.
  2. Six very large format digital projections  are positioned throughout the visitor’s journey. Different visual narratives therefore tell the stories, anecdotes, modernity and the process that made this painting became an icon. In addition, activities are offered at each stage of the walk in order to involve the visitor: it is indeed possible to “touch” some works, to interact with playful modules…
  • The origin of the myth
  • A living portrait
  • Under observation
  • Mona Lisa Obsession
  • The Mona Lisa has been stolen!
  • Jocondomania

Leonardo began to make the portrait of Mona Lisa for her  husband, Francesco del Giocondo […] it can be said that she was painted in a way that would make any great artist tremble and fear, whatever he may be. […]  There was a smile so pleasant that it was more divine than human to see, and she was held to be a wonderful thing, no different from life.

Giorgio Vasari, Vie de Léonard de Vinci

A pedagogic exhibition

Thanks to technological innovation, this exhibition is suitable for all types of public and is at the service of education and discovery.  Interactive and educational, it has been designed to deepen its knowledge through experimentation and interaction  offered in fun, attractive and intuitive modules.

The Mona Lisa, known to all, even by  those not familiar with art, offers an ideal gateway for artistic and cultural education. All the explanations and knowledge are transmitted through the  films, animations, interactive contents  that constitute it.

In order to prepare and deepen the visit, educational resources are available on the  website:  Grand Palais Immersif.

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