All you need to know about

the access to Sugiton creek

during summer

The Calanques massif is a fragile and threatened place, which has shown signs of deterioration over years. The Sugiton creek is now in a state of backlog and the overcrowding in the summer is at the heart of the problem. The Calanques National Park has established a limited daily access to this highly threatened Marseille jewel.

Published on 8 June 2022

Why introduce such a measure ?

The Sugiton creek is one of the most beautiful in the massif, it is undeniable, but victim of its success, it is overcrowded every summer. On certain  days, it was able to welcome nearly 2,500 people!
The impact of this excessive frequentation on the natural, terrestrial and aquatic environment is unfortunaly irremediable, the erosion of the site is accelerating and we see the consequences every year. This is why it is essential to put in place a strict restrictive measure.
For the moment, this only concerns the coastal part of the Sugiton creek, while the Col of Sugiton remains accessible without reservation.

What is this measure?

In 2023, it will operate on two weekends in June, all of July and August and two weekends in September (2-3 and 9-10 of september). Reservations will be required to access the Calanque. This reservation is free and is made online on the Calanques National Park website.

It is possible to book 3 days before the day of the visit and until 6pm the day before the visit. Once the reservation is validated, an email with a QR code will be sent to you and it has to be presented upon your arrival in the creek.

You can book up to a maximum of 5 people (no need to book for  children under 3 years old). The same person can book up to 8 times during the period of this exceptional measure.

The creeks are sometimes closed due to the risk of fires (frequent at this time of the year). All reservations are then cancelled and not carried over. You will have to make a new reservation online. However, you will be notified by email if it happens.

Apart from this exceptional measure concerning the creek of Sugiton, the rules of access to the creeks during the summer period remain in force.