Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle 

The great return of the cult series

Discover ‘Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle’ (A more beautiful life, even more beautiful), the rebirth of a series that has left its mark on the French audiovisual landscape. This modernised version promises new twists and turns, new settings and even more captivating characters. We tell you all about this cult series.

History of the series

‘Plus Belle La Vie’, a veritable television institution, debuted in 2004 on France 3, captivating audiences with the eventful stories of the inhabitants of the ‘Mistral’ district. The series came to an end in 2022, much to the dismay of its original fans. It holds the record for the longest-running series in France, with 18 seasons and 4,666 episodes! But surprise! After a one-and-a-half-year hiatus, the series is making a comeback in 2024! It has evolved and is now called ‘Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle’, introducing new characters and the return of old ones who said goodbye in the previous version. The storylines have been modernised, while retaining the spirit of the original. This transition marks a new era, while preserving the series’ heritage and history.

A successful series

The success of ‘Plus Belle La Vie’ lies in its ability to blend everyday life with extraordinary stories. The series tackles relevant and topical social issues, reaching a wide audience and enabling viewers to identify with the characters. Its longevity and constant adaptation to current events have enabled it to maintain a loyal audience, while attracting new viewers.
The characters in ‘Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle’ are the pillars of the series. From old hands making a comeback to newcomers, each character offers a unique perspective on the challenges and joys of everyday life. Their personal stories intertwine and reflect the diversity of French society, just as they did in the previous version.
Love it or hate it, this series is widely acclaimed for its ability to deal with serious themes in a tactful way. Online forums and social networks are full of fan discussions, underlining viewers’ deep attachment to the world of Le Mistral. Some even travel hundreds of miles to meet their favourite actors and visit the show’s sets.

Where is the series filmed?

For this new season, the Belle de Mai studios have reopened their doors and been refurbished to accommodate all the teams once again. This time round, almost half of the filming time will be spent outdoors. A new feature this year is that the famous Mistral bar is no longer shot in a studio, but in an existing bar in the small village of Allauch (Le Bar de l’Hostellerie), between the church and the town hall. The choice of this village on the outskirts of Marseille was a logical and well-considered one, offering an authentic and typically Provençal setting.
The future of ‘Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle’ looks promising. With scriptwriters who don’t hesitate to innovate and push back the boundaries of the genre. The show made its comeback on TF1 on Monday January 8th 2024. The audience for this first broadcast was a real success, attracting almost 3 million viewers. So, if you’re tempted, tune in every day at 1.40pm on TF1!