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An original afternoon

Stand up paddle initiation in Marseille

Visiting Marseille by  sea is not only about boating or scuba diving. There are many nautical  activities  and today I’m trying a stand up paddle in Marseille, it’s a first for me, and certainly not the last!

Published on 16 August 2021
Jade Orengo
  • Marseille in 3 words

    Wonderful, diverse, native.

  • My favourite neighbourhood

    Les Goudes, and its quiet side (in the off-season) for sipping a drink and having an aperitif facing the sunset.

Discover Marseille by sea

A paddle trip from the Pointe Rouge

Today the sun and the heat are well and indeed present, so let’s go to the” Pointe Rouge” beach for a refreshing programme! Nathan, the paddle instructor, welcomes us in front of his paddle club and explains the activity. We are ten in the group : a family with three children, a young girl and myself, all more motivated than the others. Once we have gotten our life jackets, our paddle board and paddle, we head to the beach, 20 metres away, to get into the water.
The instructor explains to us the basics of paddling, how to stand, how to paddle, and we manage to stand up on the board quite quickly! We then leave a little further from the beach, further from the crowd (because yes in the middle of August there are people!).

A moment of relaxation (a bit sporty!)

As we move away from the coast, we appreciate the calm to the rhythm of the water and the small waves created by the boats. You have to hold your stomach and legs  to stay stable! At first it may seem a bit complicated, but in fact it comes quite naturally and paddling is a fairly intuitive sport. The trick is to paddle continuously to stay upright, but nothing prevents you from staying on your knees and sunbathing peacefully.

And don’t be afraid of falling into the water! For having experienced it, once wet I  no longer had the fear of falling!  In addition the water is good and warm, pure joy.

An original family outing in Marseille

A fun activity

After about 1 hour of initiation, Nathan decides to teach us some “tricks” : U-turn in surfer mode, tandem… Everything is done to spend a friendly and fun time. The family present in the group had a great time, and the activity is suitable for adults and children alike.

Swimming in Marseille’s turquoise waters

This activity is also an opportunity to take a good swim! I didn’t think the water was so clear here, yet! The fishes pass under our boards, the water is turqoise and sparkles under the rays of the sun, it’s just magic. We then enjoy a moment of relaxation with a superb view of the Marseille coastline.

Good to know

For those who wish to combine paddling with a small aperitif at sunset, there is a paddle excursion in Marseille made for you! A great way to relax at the end of the day, with your feet in the water facing the last rays of the sun while enjoying a little aperitif!