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Cruises from Marseille

Marseille is a major seaport with a variety of tourism, transport and logistics activities. The cruise port is booming, with a growing number of cruises every year, making it today the leading cruise port in France the leading cruise port in France and the 5th largest in the Mediterranean.

TOP destinations

From Marseille, you can board a cruise ship to discover the world for a weekend or several days. The different itineraries will enable you to visit the treasures of the Mediterranean such as Spain, the Balearic Islands, Italy, Malta, but also the Adriatic Sea and the Greek islands. Longer voyages, lasting 3 to 4 weeks, will take you into the Atlantic Ocean as far as South America, the Caribbean, the Canary Islands, off the coast of Portugal, into the Baltic Sea to assault the fjords and British Isles, or to the Middle East. Crossing seas and oceans, you’re sure to get an eyeful. Throughout this voyage, you’ll enjoy a cabin, a veritable bubble of comfort, and can plan stopovers and shore excursions to fully appreciate the destinations.

The companies

Many companies offer deals and departures from Marseille for their cruises. Among the main and best-known, you can travel with:

  • MSC Croisières

Enjoy a full-board cruise for a change of scenery and every comfort. On board, you’ll appreciate the entertainment on offer for young and old (shows, kids’ club…) as well as the sports and leisure facilities.

  • Costa Croisières

During your cruise, you’ll have à la carte excursions to punctuate your stay. On the ship, you’ll enjoy everything you need: restaurants with international chefs, a program of shows and activities for children and adults, swimming pool, theater, casino, sports and wellness area, boutiques…

  • Norwegian Cruise Line

Create your own cruise: itinerary and schedule on board. Choose from a variety of award-winning restaurants to tantalize your taste buds, enjoy the modern activity zones and experiences on offer, as well as the waterfront promenade.

How to get to the Marseille seaport

The Grand Port Maritime de Marseille Môle Léon Gourret which welcomes ships departing from, arriving at or simply calling at Marseille is located in the Saint André district in the city’s 16th arrondissement.

Coming by car

If you’re driving to your ship for your cruise, you can reach the port via the A7 motorway to the north, the A55 Littoral freeway or the A50 to the east.

To park your vehicle, you’ll have a choice between the long-term cruise parking at the Marseille Provence Cruise Terminal (MPCT), which offers a daily rate or a flat-rate for cruises beyond 10 days, or the minute drop-off, if you’re getting a lift, which is located in front of the cruise terminal (you’ll have to walk a few minutes to the port afterwards, though).

Coming by plane or train

It’s also possible to get to Marseille by plane or train. You’ll land at the Marseille Provence international airport located a 20-minute drive from the Môle Léon Gourret port or at the Marseille Saint Charles railway station, in downtown Marseille.

Transfers are then available by taxi or via your shipping company to the boarding terminal. You’ll also have the option of taking public transport. Please note, however, that there is no direct link between the airport or train station and the port.

A stopover in Marseille

If you make a stopover in Marseille during your cruise, you will probably dock at the Môle Léon Gourret seaport, where you can reach the city center by public transport or cab, or you will dock at J4 in la Joliette, close to the Cathédrale de la Major, where you can walk to the Vieux-Port to visit the Phocaean city.