Where can I park my car?

Car parks in Marseille

Marseille is full of car parks everywhere all around the city. Whether it is outside or Covered, find a suitable car park for your stay : in the city centre or near the stadium near Saint-Charles station, there is  something for everyone !

In the city centre and the Old port area

Car parks by Orange Vélodrome

Car parks close to Saint Charles train station

Car parks by the seaside

Car parks close to Hopitals

North Marseille, the ports, Estaque

All Marseille car parks

Useful tip

Book your car space in Marseille !

IndigoNeo simplifies your parking in Marseille and allows you to experience digital mobility through paperless access to Indigo car  parks in the city. No need for a ticket access the car parks by reading your  number plate and pay automatically with the application. Book your parking space for  a few hours on several days and save time and money.

Bike parking

This large secure parking  space with a guard is located in the Docks building in the Joliette bicycles are parked using a system of hoops on a  base that allows them to  be attached.
There is also a maintenance and repair service.
This car park is accessible with or  without a  subscription and payment by credit card or cash.
It is open from monday to  friday from 8am to 7 pm.
Wheelskeep :  10.2 Rue des Docks 13002 Marseille –  06 08 32 22 38