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Marseille Lesbian Gay & Friendly

Marseilles will organize the 2013 EuroPride event


Gay life in Marseille

The cosmopolitan city of Marseille, has always appealed to civilisations from the Mediterranean and beyond.
As a city naturally open to others, never judgmental in the face of differences, its history has been marked with a unique character, forging the image of a “strong-headed” city.

Homosexuality in Marseille lives peacefully. Here there are no demonstrations, no gay districts, few rainbow flags adorning facades. Everyone is welcome everywhere.

Therefore, the LGBT organizations are not many but still present, as well as the nights at the discos, on shipboards, or outdoor life. Download list.


Lesbian & Gaypride

On June 28th 1968, the police raided the gay bars in Greenwich Village and went into the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar located on Christopher Street. Clients and passers-by rebelled and the crowd got numerous. The police are forced to get barricaded to expect help. The altercations lasted three days. A year later, the gay activists from New York organized a march to commemorate this event: this was the first Gay Pride.

The Lesbian & Gay Pride ® of Marseilles is a key moment of visibility for the entire LGBT community. The March –with its strong organization of activists, real demands and also with a real presence of shops and people- has got different shapes more or less colorful, and spreads usually through down-town to the Parc du 26ème centenaire till Vieux-Port, heart of the city.

The LGP association of Marseilles has existed since more than 15 years and has organized this event in consultation with the associations of the city and showing proudly the signs written by the activists, and the main slogan this year is “2012 l’égalité n’attend plus”. (2012, equality can’t wait anymore). The Lesbian and Gay Pride ® of Marseilles means also:

  • Culture: movie, concert, exhibition…
  • Celebrations: cocktails, Lesbian & Gay Pride ® party at the Dock des Suds
  • Debates on the society matters linked to LGBTQI

Through the year, other events will gather the associations of Marseilles such as the International Day Against Homophobia (May, 17th) or Wolrd AIDS Day on December the 1ST.

Marseilles organizes the EuroPride event from 10th to 20th July 2013!

The Euro Pride ® event Marseilles Mediterranean 2013 – supported by the collectivités locales and territoriales- is branded “Mareille-Provence Capitale Européenne de la Culture”. During 10 days, from July 10th to 20th 2013, Marseilles will welcome the entire world (from 300,000 to 1,2 million people) and will offer :
An associative village (stands, international conferences, workshop…) that will be opened every day with free access.
An opening concert will start the parties.
For the first time in Marseilles, a beach will be privatized and identified; every day it will welcome the LGBTQI people and their friends.

Several cultural events will be offered to visitors with a co-production with Marseille-Provence 2013.
A huge festival “off” (branded EuroPride 2013) will offer a lot of events in the entire city and beyond.
A EuroPride club –which will welcome several European programs- will be opened every night at “les Docks des Suds”. On Saturday, July 20th, the Parade (March of the European Prides), the major event will occur and will end up with a giant open-air concert which will be free.