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Marseille, new projects

Marseille, new projects

Marseille is in the middle of an unprecedented construction project. The greatest modern architects are working to redesign Marseille’s profile.
The city has looked to its past to design its future.

The largest State economic development and planning project since the construction of the business district of La Défense in Paris saw the redevelopment of the entire urban sector from La Joliette to the Saint-Charles station district begin in 1996.
The goal is to create a viable European centre for promoting and showcasing trade by focusing on the coastline by restoring a business district and a major building project for new houses. You can see the initial results now: renovation of the Docks and Place de la Joliette, construction of new office and residential buildings with bold architecture, access to regional archives and Gaston Defferre library, the CMA CGM Tower, refurbishment of the Silo, construction of the FRAC and Théâtre Joliette-Minoterie etc.

The five main centres are:

  • Belle de Mai: creative and social hub. La Friche de la Belle de Mai houses areas for shows, exhibitions, artwork and functions: Archives Municipales and Cabinet des Monnaies et des Médailles, multimedia centre (with the Bureau du Cinéma and film studios), CICRP (Interregional Heritage Conservation and Restoration Centre) and INA (French Audiovisual Institute) archives
  • Saint-Charles - Porte d’Aix: educational, academic and business activities
  • Arenc: economic growth centre providing a wide variety of office premises and housing
  • La Joliette: economic, residential, trade and hospitality activities
  • Saint-Jean: hotbed for ideas and knowledge and home to MuCEM, the Villa Méditerranée and Musée Regards de Provence.


Silo Quai d’Arenc

The disused Silo in the GPMM district symbolises the city’s industrial heritage. The building has been given a new lease of life by Marseille architect Eric Castaldi. The Silo has been transformed into a huge 2000-seater venue alongside 520m² of conference, meeting and seminar space.

Quais d’Arenc

  • The CMA-CGM Tower is 147m tall. The shipping company’s HQ was designed by architect Zaha Hadid in 2011.
  • A major architecture project starting in 2015 near the tower. Plans include the striking H99 apartment block designed by architect Jean-Baptiste Pietri and Jean Nouvel’s office block with 137m high hanging gardens.
  • Euromed Center: Marseille’s new cultural centre designed by Massimiliano Fuksas will open in 2015 and feature a cinema complex, a 4* hotel, an office multiplex and lots of parks.