Chateau d'If vu de la mer

Activities and benefits

included in the Marseille CityPass

Discover all the activities and discounts included in your Marseille CityPass 24hrs, 48hrs or 72hrs. Everything you need for an unforgettable stay in Marseille!

The activities

  • Free access to visit the If Castle (subject to good weather conditions)
    François the 1st ordered for a fortress to be built in 1524 on the If island. Preserved in its environment and its architecture, famous around the world: the if castle is an exceptional site of the Mediterranean coast.
  • A free return ticket for a tour on the small train (Notre-Dame de la Garde tour).
    Schedules of the small trains
  • A ride for the If island or the Frioul
    A free return ticket for a boat trip to go to the If island or the Frioul, archipelago composed of four islands that offer a shelter for more than 99 species of marine birds and more than 300 species of rare and protected flora. On the principal island ‘Ratonneau’, the Caroline hospital  built  at the beginning of the 19th century ( the choice of this service cancels the access to the Colorbus). Schedules: crossing to If with the Lebateau company or the Compagnies Maritimes /crossing to Frioul islands only with the Lebateau company.
  • OR
    A free ticket for a tour in the Colorbüs (the red tour) to  discover Marseille on board open-top imperial buses (the choice of this service cancels the access to the If castle and the trip to the If island or Frioul island)… Schedule of the Colorbüs


  • The CityPass doesn’t give direct access to the activities, you have to go through the ticket offices of each provider to validate your entry.
  • During the peak season (summer): several hours of waiting may be required to board the boats for If or Frioul. The crossing must take place during the validity of the pass. It can only be booked on the same day. The conditions of access to the islands may change depending on the weather, please check the websites of Lebateau and Compagnies maritimes.

Museums and guided tours

  • An entrance ticket for the Mucem

  • One entrance ticket for the Regards de Provence Museum

  • A guided tour of the Tourist Office for the 72h CityPass and 30% discount for the 24h and 48h CityPass (offer valid only for the €10 tours)
    Registration required at the Tourist Office reception, subject to availability and conditions.
  • Reduced rate for the temporary exhibitions of the Marseille Museums (the permanent exhibitions of the Marseille Museums are free all year round for all visitors)

Top deals and discounts

Discounts and tastings in food shops
  • 'Confiserie Dromel Ainé'

    5% discount for any purchase and 10% discount for any purchase over 150€.

    Chocolate and sweet confectioner since 1760, chocolates, glazed chestnuts, calissons, candied fruits, biscuits, dragées, sweets, nougats, coffee, tea, jam and honeys…

    19 Avenue du Prado, 13006, Marseille
    +33 (0)4 91 80 08 08

  • Noailles Coffee Shop ( Torréfaction Noailles)

    1 free coffee for every purchase made and on presentation of the CityPass, valid only at the Canebière shop.
    An institution, coffee roaster since 1927.
    56, La Canebière, 13001 Marseille
    +33 (0)4 91 55 60 66

  • Calisson & Co

    10% discount on the shop.
    Family company specialising in the production of  Provençal. It offers you the traditional “Calisson’ and other confectionery.

    1 Rue de la République, 13001 Marseille
    +33 (0)4 96 17 53 30

  • 'La Cure Gourmande'

    10% discount + 1 choupette gifted by the kid CityPass for any purchase made in store.
    Biscuit maker since 1989, ‘la Cure Gourmande’ manufactures its delicacies in its own workshops, all located in the south of France, sweets and chocolates.

    19, La Canebière, 13001 Marseille
    +33 (0)4 91 90 55 12

  • Dragées Rosière

    1 free dragette (nice little box of matches with 5 sugared almonds) for every purchase in the shop on presentation of the CityPass.
    Confectionery maker since 1924, ‘la Maison Rosière’ has specialised in the productiong of dragées with a unique and exclusive recipe since 1948.
    5 Avenue Fernandel, 13012 Marseille
    +33 (0)4 91 93 06 23

  • Le Four des Navettes

    Free tasting on site in one of the two shops, on presentation of the CityPass (this service may be refused depending on the health protocol in place)
    A specialized institution in the orange blossom flavoured navette and endowed with an oven from the 18th century! The orange blossom flavoured navette can be tasted in all of those ways: naturally crispy, slightly warm, or straight out of the oven.
    136 Rue Sainte, 13006 Marseille
    +33 (0)4 91 33 32 12

  • Dammann Frères

    1 free gift for any purchase in the store on presentation of the CityPass per person.
    French tea company founded in 1925, specialising in the manufacture and import of tea.
    9 Rue Paradis, 13001 Marseille
    +33 (0)4 91 72 24 10

  • Les Navettes des Accoules

    1 free biscuit/person on presentation of the CityPass.
    A traditional biscuit in the oldest district of Marseille.
    ‘Navettes José Orsoni’ opens the doors of its biscuit factory to  alllovers of artisanal products: macarons, canistrellis , croquants and of course the navettes.
    68 Rue Caisserie, 13002 Marseille
    +33 (0)4 91 90 99 42

  • Mx Marseille : le Mx FOOD & le Mx BAR

    10% off MxBar and MxFood.
    The MxFood is an atypical, friendly and colorful restaurant and the MxBar offers cocktails with or without alcohol around some tapas in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.
    10 Place de la Joliette Les Docks Village

Discounts in gift shops
  • The Saint-Victor soaps (Les savons de Saint-Victor)

    1 small soap offered at the store on presentation of the CityPass and in presence of the physical person by CityPass.
    An authentic know-how, artisanal manufacture of the typical soaps of Marseille located in the heart of the historical and cultural suburb of Marseille. Workshop boutique which offers soaps and a range of bath and shower product.

    7 Place Saint Victor, 13007 Marseille
    +33 (0)4 91 81 53 68
    En savoir plus

  • Les Lunetiers Davso - Jean-François Rey

    25% discount for any purchase of a pair of sunglasses.
    Glasses specialist and high range creators.

    52 Rue Francis Davso, 13001 Marseille
    09 87 30 41 06

  • 'Printemps' the Terrasses du Port

    10% on the whole store & 12% tax free for foreign customers only on presentation of a valid passport
    Multi-brand retailer of ready-to-wear for adults and children, beauty, home and luxury goods.
    Les Terrasses du Port, 9 Quai du Lazaret, 13002 Marseille

  • 'Galeries Lafayette' Marseille Bourse

    10% discount for pass holders (see conditions in shop).

    28 Rue Bir Hakeim, 13001 Marseille
    +33 (0)4 91 56 82 12

  • 'La Boule Bleue' (the blue ball)

    A small gift is offered with every purchase upon presentation of the CityPass. A family-run  petanque ball company,  the blue balls ‘boules bleues’ of the same name are the only ones to be made in Marseille in the family factory. A unique and picturesque museum-shop dedicated to the history of pétanque and the game of boules.
    4 Place des 13 Cantons, 13002 Marseille
    +33 (0)4 88 44 39 44

  • Official OM football shops

    10% discount from 50€ purchase or a free flocking for the purchase of an OM jersey (offer cannot be combined with current promotions or discounts).
    Sport shop, clothing, souvenirs of the mythical club : Marseille’s Olympique.
    44 La Canebière, 13001 Marseille,
    3 Boulevard Michelet, 13008 Marseille,
    CC Géant Casino La Valentine, Route de la Sablière, 13012 Marseille

  • 'Le Comptoir du Panier'

    10% discount.
    ‘Le comptoir du Panier’ is a shop where you will exclusively find products from Marseille creators clothing, pottery,  jewellery… Graphic designers, stylists and creators live together for your greatest pleasure. There is something for every taste and every price!

    1 Montée des Accoules, 13002 Marseille
    +33 (0)4 91 91 29 65

  • Made in Méditerranée

    1 free Marseille soap (100 gr) for every purchase in the shop.
    Concept store in a decor made of wood from old fisherman boats, MIM, short for ‘Made In Méditerannée’ offers more than 1000 articles inspired by the Mediterranean culture. You will find in the store soaps, textile products, jewels, local literature and everything needed to have a local aperitive.

    Les Terrasses du Port, 9 Quai du Lazaret, 13002 Marseille
    +33 (0)4 91 91 22 45

  • The 'Savonnerie Marseillaise'

    10% discount on all shops.
    Artisanal manufacture of Marseille soaps: traditional soap, care treatment soap, liquid soap… The guaranee of a natural and healthy product.

    ‘La Canebière’ shop : 47 La Canebière, 13001 Marseille
    The ‘Old Port’ shop : 1 quai de Rive Neuve, 13001 Marseille
    The ‘Panier’ shop : 24, rue de l’Evêché, 13002 Marseille / 1 Montée des Accoules, 13001 Marseille
    The ‘Terrasses du Port’ shop : 9, Quai du Lazaret, 1er étage – Allée centrale, 13002 Marseille

  • Fragonard

    10% discount on all perfumery products at the Marseille boutique.
    In the heart of “Les Voûtes de la Major” entirely renovated, this beautiful  180sqm space offers the whole Fragonard universe (great perfume maker from Grasse since 1926): perfumery, cosmetics, decor, lifestyle, fashion and accessories.

    Boulevard Jacques Saade, 13002 Marseille
    +33 (0)4 91 45 35 25

  • Marseille en vacances

    10% discount for all purchases in the shop on presentation of the CityPass.
    The concept store of the tee-shirt 100% from Marseille inspire as much by the “parler marseillais” as the designs typical of Marseille. The shop today dresses up the entire family from O to 99 years old and offers many accessories such as cushions,  pillow, folders, bags 100%  Marseille for men,  women and children.

    7 Rue Bailli de Suffren, 13001 Marseille
    +33 04 91 54 73 17

  • L'Occitane

    10% discount for any purchase and on presentation of the CityPass valid in the 2 following OCCITANE shops:
    22 Rue Haxo, 13001 Marseille
    Les Terrasses du Port, 13002 Marseille
    ‘L’Occitane’ is a brand of cosmetic products created in 1976, its products follow the principle of aromatherapy and herbal medicine.
    +33 (0)4 91 55 06 82

  • La Compagnie de Provence

    10% discount on the 2 shops on presentation of the CityPass.
    ‘La Compagnie de Provence’ offers a large choice of Marseille soaps and natural products of Provence : liquid soap, care treatments for face and body, colognes and house products.
    18 Rue Davso, 13001 Marseille
    1 Rue Caisserie, 13002 Marseille

  • Le Bazar de César

    A guest soap (30gr) gifted for any purchase over 10€.
    Local products boutique where you will discover the authentic and ancestral know-how, in the pure Marseille and Provence tradition. In the heart of a site dating from the 13th century, at the entrance of the well known suburb of the Panier. You will find Marseille soap and care products for your body, your house, and a few accessories.

    4 Montée des Accoules, 13002 Marseille
    +33 (0)6 19 70 95 76

  • Mx Marseille, le Mx SHOP

    10% on the MxShop.
    Concept store of local creators and craftsmen.
    10 Place de la Joliette Les Docks Village

Discount for activities
  • Mx Marseille : le Mx EXPERIENCE

    Exhibition and discovery space. It is an interactive place that offers an experiential journey to discover aniseed through your 5 senses.
    50% discount on the MxExperience
    Adult ticket : normal price 8€, with discount 4€.
    Child ticket: normal price 4€, with discount 2€
    10 Place de la Joliette Les Docks Village

  • Orange Vélodrome : OM Stadium Tour

    Adult reduce price of 12€ (instead of 18€) and child reduce price of 9€ (instead of 12€)
    Discover the backstage of the Orange Vélodrome as you have never seen them and dive into the heart of the history of the Olympique de Marseille.
    Through a free tour, access the locker room, the edge of the pitch, live a unique and complete experience that will certainly allow you to fill up with memories and emotions!
    3 Boulevard Michelet, 13008

  • Compagnies Maritimes Calanques & If castle

    10% discount for the Calanques tours ( offer cannot be combined with other discounts) :
    – Essential of the Calanques – Marseille small tour (2h15)
    -Integral of the Calanques –  Big tour Marseille and Cassis  (3h15)
    All year round, subject to weather conditions.
    Quai du Port / Vieux-Port, 13001 Marseille

  • The Big Wheel

    Reduced rate with the CityPass: adults: 5€ and children (1 to 10 years old): 4€.
    The Ferris wheel offers a unique 360° view of the city in the open air.
    Open every day from 10 am to 11 pm
    Depending on the season: Old Port or Escale Borély

  • Trolib

    10% discount on all rental products on presentation of the CityPass and by CityPass holders.
    Hire of e-Trott (electric scooters), e-VTT et e-Bike, on reservation.
    25 Quai de Rive Neuve, 13001 Marseille

  • Fada Bike

    Reduced rates on all electric bike rental services, with guided or not, on reservation.
    Fada Bike invites you to discover Marseille on an electric bike for guided tours!
    Meeting point : 20 Plan Fourmiguier, 13007

  • Raskas Kayak

    10% discount on Kayak trips upon presentation of CityPass.
    Reservation required (a discount code will be sent after contacting the company directly).
    Sea kayaking in the Calanques National Park.
    Bonneveine – Impasse du Dr Bonfils, 13008 Marseille
    +33 (0)4 91 73 27 16

  • Exit Game Marseille

    10% discount on an Escape Game.
    Indoor puzzle games in Marseille.
    On reservation
    4 Rue Barthélémy, 13001 Marseille
    +33 (0)9 81 47 75 74

  • SENSAS Marseille

    Reduced rate (€25 instead of €28).
    In a limited time and in teams of 4 to 20 people, go through 6 sensory workshops and 3 SAS by  taking on surprising challenges, most of them in total darkness!
    Only on reservation, every day from 9am to 11pm.
    17 Rue Julia, 13005 Marseille

Discounts on cultural locations
Official website of the Tourist Office of Marseille