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Climbing in Marseille​

Book your climbing trip in Marseille with a guide! Whether you are simply curious or a climbing enthusiast, find the activity that suits you, and that will make you discover Marseille in a different way.

Discover climbing in Marseille

An exceptional playground

Exploring Marseille also means getting away from the city centre and discovering climbing on natural cliffs in exceptional natural locations. There is nothing like discovering climbing in Marseille, in an enchanting setting.

Outings for all levels

The climbing routes are diverse and varied and allow you to satisfy different desires, depending on your level and what you want to discover! Half-day and full-day climbing courses are available. They are accessible to all and can be adapted to suit the level of each person. Climbing enthusiasts will also be delighted with the more technical and complex climbing sessions!

Adventure courses in Marseille

Introduction to climbing and abseiling

All of our climbing trips are supervised by qualified climbing instructors. Some outings are more like adventure courses in the middle of nature, where different techniques are combined: abseiling, tyrolean traverse, via cordata… All this to discover the practice in a fun way, with friends, as a couple or as a family!

Climbing in the Calanques National Park

The Calanques National Park, with its mid-mountain relief, is one of the biggest climbing sites in the world! So why not try climbing in Marseille? Your stay will be even more unforgettable!

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