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Water activities Marseille​

Water activities are an integral part of the Cité Phocéenne, which is oriented towards the sea. Scuba diving, snorkeling, diving lessons, find the water activity in Marseille that is right for you!

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Diving in Marseille

Diving trips in Marseille

Discover the exceptional seabed of the Mediterranean during a diving trip. There are many diving spots in Marseille, which is why many diving clubs offer excursions to make the most of your stay. During a diving trip in the creeks of Marseille, you can discover the richness of the local fauna and flora. Species that must be protected at all costs, in this cradle of modern scuba diving.

Scuba diving in Marseille

Never been scuba diving before? Your stay in Marseille is the ideal opportunity to discover this practice. Diving initiations are organised in order to make your first dive in the best conditions. This is particularly true of the Dune diving centre, which takes you to dive in Marseille in the Frioul islands or the Riou archipelago.

Snorkeling in Marseille

Put on your mask and snorkel and discover the seabed in Marseille!

Snorkeling in the Calanques

Enjoy a snorkeling trip in the Calanques of Marseille to discover the rich marine biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea. There are many snorkelling spots in Marseille! So don’t wait any longer and book your snorkeling excursion in the creeks with your family, friends or even as a couple…

Snorkeling in the Frioul Islands

You can also go to the Frioul archipelago. Its numerous creeks with crystal clear turquoise water are ideal for a family snorkelling trip in Marseille. You can admire the Château d’If and think you are Edmond Dantes, the famous character from the Count of Monte Cristo, who tried to escape from this former prison by sea. Book your snorkelling trip to the Frioul Islands now.

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