Side car sur le vieux port

Unusual tours in Marseille

Visit Marseille in an unusual way with all the guided tours and activities offered by the Marseille Tourist Office!

Discover the districts of Marseille and its nooks and crannies, with family or friends, with our unforgettable activities!

Visit Marseille  in all ways

Unusual Marseille

Marseille is  a city full of  assets which  can be visited in a thousand and one  ways!  Guided tours, through unusual activities, make your stay in Marseille unforgettable!

From guided tours  in the hidden corners of Marseille to the Tuk Tuk or the side-car, the Marseille  Tourist Office offers you many walks and activities to visit  Marseille.

Unusual  guided tours

Marseille is  full of unusual districts to visit! In the  city centre or in the outlying districts of the  city, the Tourist  Office makes you discover all the facets of the  Phocaean city.

Many guided tours are  suggested to  discover Marseille in  an unusual way!

Discover the “Estaque” district, a neighborhood famous for its Marseille  specialty ” Panisses and Chichis!” The guided tour is animated by Jean-Marie Arnaud Sanchez, comedian from Marseille.

Stroll through the city centre of  Marseille while discovering the  gastronomic specialities of the  city. A full complete gastronomic tour in the  oldest districts of Marseille,  Noailles, Panier district or the  Old port. Walk through the streets of Marseille and taste our Marseille specialties: panisses, aioli, marinated sardines or even the famous pastis. A  walk to  discover  the  heritage of Marseille and its gastronomy!

Unusual activities to  discover Marseille

Marseille Tuk Tuk

Here is an unusual activity that  can be shared with friends or  family, discover Marseille by tuk-tuk! Stroll by the sea or in the city center, it’s up to you to choose which Marseille you want to discover! An unusual activity in which you  will not  go unnoticed.

A  side-car tour  of Marseille

Get on board and live a unique and atypical experience. Discover the  must-see  districts of Marseille: “le Panier, Vieux Port , the streets of Vauban until ‘Notre Dame de la  Garde’  Basilica and ending with Kennedy Corniche, visit the  city as you never did before!

Marseille by  Colorbus !

A must-see activity in Marseille, the  Colorbus will give  you  the opportunity to  visit the city and its  historic districts! Get on this panoramic bus and admire the city of  Marseille. You can also get off the bus to fully explore the  city!

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