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Paddle hire Marseille

Book your paddle in Marseille! Paddling has become a must-do nautical activity and is ideal for young and old alike. Initiate yourself to this activity and enjoy Marseille and its most beautiful spots by the sea.

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Visit Marseille by sea

Paddle, also known as Stand Up Paddle, has become an essential sport, a discipline that surfs on the wave of nautical activities. Born in the 1960s in Hawaii, Stand Up Paddle made a comeback in France in the mid-2000s. Compared to other water sports, it does not provide strong sensations but rather allows you to discover the sea in a different way, by taking a little height to observe the sea bed. The craze for Stand-up Paddle is justified because it is suitable for everyone: no matter what your physical shape, sex, age or objective of this practice!

Guided paddle trips

Marseille is ideal for paddling. There are many beaches and small creeks, and you will always find a place for a paddle session. Paddling is also ideal for visiting the calanques. 100% ecological, it is the activity not to be missed to discover the hidden corners of the calanques and face breathtaking views. We offer standing paddle lessons for beginners, but also longer paddle trips to discover the Marseille coastline in peace and quiet.

Paddle rentals in Marseille

Rigid or inflatable, paddles are nowadays practiced in all self-respecting seaside destinations! In Marseille, many paddle clubs have been set up over the years. In the morning, day or early evening, visiting Marseille by paddle will make you live an unique moment! Rent your paddle and go on an adventure!

Where to paddle in Marseille?

Paddle in the Calanques

In Callelongue, Marseilleveyre, Sugiton, or Sormiou, the Calanques are the best place to paddle in Marseille. Take your paddle and board and discover the Calanques National Park by paddle. With a view of the sea bed and the magnificent landscapes that the Calanques offer, enjoy an unique moment.

On the edge of the Marseille coastline

Vallon des Auffes, Anse de Maldormé, or the Pointe-Rouge, Marseille and its coastline are full of perfect places to enjoy an unforgettable paddle ride in Marseille. Treat yourself to a panoramic view of the city of Marseille from the sea, and enjoy a 100% relaxing experience.

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