Calanque de Mejean sur la Côte Bleue. Bateau dans petit port et eau turquoise

Activities in Marseille's Calanques​

How to discover the calanques of Marseille? There are so many ways to do it: boat trips in the calanques, climbing in the calanques or simply hiking in the calanques: find the activity in the calanques that suits you best!

Sports activities in the calanques

Climbing in the calanques of Marseille

Get some height and discover the National Park during a climbing trip in the calanques. Quite original, isn’t it? This activity is for everyone, as climbing in the calanques is taught in small groups, in order to discover this activity in an exceptional setting. For half a day or a full day, it’s a fun and sporty outing to do with family, friends or even as a couple! Would you like to learn how to climb in the Calanques? Book your climbing trip in Marseille now!

Diving in the Calanques of Marseille

The Calanques National Park is an unmissable diving spot in Marseille. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced diver, diving in the calanques is accessible to all levels. Scuba diving and snorkelling trips in the creeks are organised to help you discover the exceptional biodiversity of the area. It is also possible to try scuba diving in the creeks! Discover the diving clubs in Marseille that offer these activities.

Hiking in the creeks of Marseille

How could you not be tempted by a hike in the Calanques National Park? There’s nothing better than discovering the calanques on foot to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Enjoy a guided hike in the calanques of Marseille and let yourself be guided.

Leisure activities in the calanques

Boat rentals in the creeks of Marseille

Rent a boat in the Calanques to discover the National Park is possible! Take advantage of your stay to visit the creeks of Marseille by boat, at your own pace, while respecting this protected natural area. Find a boat rental company in the Calanques and live an unforgettable moment.

Boating and swimming in the calanques

Some boat tour companies offer boat trips with swimming in the creeks, aperitif and sunset…

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