Marseille, easy to get to

The city’s accessibility is a key factor to consider when organizing a convention. Fortunately, Marseille boasts a comprehensive transport network that makes business travel a breeze. Whether you arrive by plane, train or local public transport, the city offers fluid and convenient connectivity. Discover the main assets of the metropolis that will enable you to plan your business trips with complete peace of mind.

Marseille Provence Airport

Marseille Provence Airport is a major player in air transport in France, proudly positioning itself as the country’sthird regional airport in terms of passenger traffic. With passenger numbers exceeding 9 million by 2022, including 65% international traffic, it plays an essential role in regional and international connectivity. Summer 2022 saw the range of scheduled services flourish, with over 170 air routes operated by more than 30 airlines, directly connecting 128 destinations in 36 countries. These destinations include 15 daily connections between Paris and Marseille, with a flight time of just 1h15. What’s more, the airport also offers long-haul flights to attractive destinations such as Canada, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean and Africa, broadening travelers’ horizons. Thanks to its extensive connectivity with the world’s major hubs, Marseille Provence airport ensures easy access from any point on the globe, offering an ideal gateway to international travel.


To ensure an optimal passenger experience, Marseille Provence Airport offers a comprehensive range of information and services. Passenger information is easily accessible at Terminal 1 Hall A, where travelers can obtain additional information by contacting

The Centre Affaires (reachable at 04 42 14 27 74 and on its website) at the airport has a dedicated team, available 24 hours a day, to meet the needs of business travelers. This team offers a multitude of services to facilitate business travel. These include 14 meeting and lounge rooms, with capacities ranging from 2 to 250 people, enabling meetings and business events to be organized. What’s more, a personalized welcome is provided at the aircraft door, whether on arrival or departure, guaranteeing attentive and efficient service.

To make travelers’ stay even more pleasant, the airport provides luggage carriers to alleviate baggage-related constraints. Two exclusive VIP lounges are also available in the reserved area, offering a comfortable, privileged space in which to relax or work in peace.

Marseille Provence airport also adapts to the needs of businesses by offering mobile benches that can be customized in airline colors, to welcome your staff in a professional and friendly way. In addition, a queue-cutting service is offered, allowing travelers priority access to security checks, for a fluid and rapid passage through the airport.


To provide a convenient link between Marseille Provence airport and the center of Marseille, 30 km away, as well as with the city of Aix-en-Provence, several transport options are available.

The shuttle bus provides a convenient and regular way to travel between the airport and these two destinations. The shuttle buses operate every day of the year, providing 99 daily rotations, with departures every 10 minutes from 4:10am to 00:30am. These shuttles link the airport with Marseille TGV station (downtown) and Aix-en-Provence. For more information and to book, contact 0800 713 137 (local call) or visit the airport website

Another link option is the train TER. Over 65 trains are available every day, offering flexible schedules and affordable fares. Timetables and fares can be viewed on the SNCF website. You can purchase your ticket via the on-site kiosks, or on smartphone via the SNCF Connect.

For those who prefer the comfort and convenience of a cab, a taxi service is available 7 days a week at all aircraft arrivals. Reservations can be made by calling 04 42 88 11 44. In addition, a cab rank is also available at the airport, accessible by contacting phone number 04 42 14 24 44.

Marseille Saint-Charles station

Located in the full heart of Marseille, Marseille Saint-Charles station is a major rail hub offering extensive connectivity. Every day, more than 200 trains run from this station, providing connections to numerous destinations. Among these trains, 15 TGV Méditerranée make the trip between Paris and Marseille daily, enabling travelers to cover the distance in just 3 hours.

The Marseille Saint-Charles station also offers extended opening hours to meet travelers’ needs. It is open from 04:30 to 1:00 every day, with a later closing time of 1:30 on Fridays. The station’s ticket offices are open from 6:00 to 20:30 every day, making it easy for travelers to buy tickets and get information.

In addition to its rail services, the Marseille Saint-Charles station is also home to a variety of amenities for travelers. With26 shops and car rental companies, travelers can find everything they need, whether for dining, shopping or car rental, offering a convenient and complete experience within the station.

From Marseille to…

Paris: 3h05
Charles de Gaulles Airport: 3h40
Geneva: 4h
Barcelona: 5h
Brussels: 5H10
Milan: 7h20

SNCF practical information

Passenger information:
Tel: 3635 (€0.34 incl. tax / min)
From abroad: 08 92 35 35 35

Group travel information:

Long-distance travel show

Professional ticket exchanges

Departure and arrival information and practical station information

Direct access to metro, bus and car rental networks

Shuttles to the airport every 20 minutes: Tel: 04 91 50 59 34

Taxi: 04 91 05 80 8004 91 02 20 20

Bus, Metro and Tram

You are organizing an event in Marseille, the RTM studies your needs and advises you on the most suitable solutions: purchasing facilities, provision of transport tickets, study of your journeys…
From the Solo ticket (one journey) to the Pass 24h, 72h or 7 days, different transport tickets are offered to meet your expectations as closely as possible.

Practical information RTM

Contact us:
RTM Entreprises
Tel: 04 91 10 54 79

Order your tickets in batches of 500 or more and benefit from preferential rates

RTM commits to a sustainable development approach

The RTM network
– 2 metro lines, 28 stations
– 93 bus lines (with a night network)
– 2500 stops
– 3 streetcar lines, 34 stations

Metro and streetcar schedules
5am to 12:30am 7 days a week

More info on or on the RTM mobile app

For public transport between Marseille and outlying towns:

The entire RTM network is freely accessible with the Carte City Pass

Getting around Marseille

The electric bike

Easy to use, “Le vélo” is the ideal mode of transport for your short trips around Marseille, whether to work, shop, go out or join another mode of transport (metro, bus, streetcar).
Always a bike nearby! With 1000 bikes and a hundred or so stations spread across the city, a service available 24/7.

More information on Le Velo

RTM Maritime shuttle

Board RTM maritime shuttles, between the Old Port and Pointe Rouge or Estaque and from Pointe Rouge to Les Goudes. Tickets on sale exclusively on board the boats.
Payment of tickets must be made in cash only, please bring a top-up.

More info on La Navette

Electro-solar ferryboat

Here it comes, greener than ever! César’s little brother ply the Old Port, making the crossing between Hôtel de Ville and Place aux Huiles. It’s an electro-solar-powered boat.

Hours and prices for the Ferry Boat


How do I contact a cab? Go directly to the 85 stations spread throughout Marseille.

Les Taxis Marseillais
04 91 92 92 92 (24/7)

Taxis Radio Marseille
04 91 02 20 20 (24h/24 – 7d/7)