Marina De Marseille Paris 2024Marina De Marseille Paris 2024
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Marseille, land of major events

Marseille has become a preferred venue for major sporting, cultural and artistic gatherings. Events such as the Rugby World Cup 2023 and the Paris Olympic Games 2024, with sailing and soccer competitions, illustrate the confidence placed in Marseille to stage unforgettable moments. Whether on land or sea, Marseille is ready to let its heritage shine and provide unique experiences for participants and spectators alike. In addition to sporting events, the city abounds in arts festivals, cultural celebrations and renowned exhibitions that attract enthusiasts and the curious from all over the world.

Olympic Games Paris 2024

July 26 – August 11 | Sailing and Football competitions

Marseille will be the scene of exceptional sailing and Football competitions, offering athletes and spectators moments of passion and sporting feats. The azure waters of the Mediterranean will host the sailing events, where world-renowned sailors will compete for the gold medal. The soccer matches will take place in the famous Orange Vélodrome stadium, where the talent and skill of top players will be on display. Marseille is proud to contribute to the legacy of the Olympic Games by offering magnificent venues and first-rate sports facilities.

History of events in Marseille

2023 - Rugby World Cup

2020 - Manifesta - European Biennial of Contemporary Art

2019 - Capital of Gastronomy MPG 2019

2018 - Capital of Love - MP2018

2017 & 2018 World Extreme Downhill Skating Championships "Crashed Ice Race

2017 - European Capital of Sport - 20th stage of the Tour de France "Individual Time Trial".

2016 - European Football Championship - UEFA

2013 - European Capital of Culture