6 ideas for a hen party in Marseille

You’re getting married soon and you’re thinking of organizing an original hen party in Marseille, France’s second largest city? With its wonderful landscapes between land and sea and its festive atmosphere, Marseille is full of unusual activities to celebrate the end of your single life with dignity.

1. A cruise in the calanques

Why not privatize a boat for a day or evening to organize your EVJF in Marseille? Embark from the Vieux-Port towards the Calanques National Park for a cruise to discover sublime landscapes that will create unforgettable memories of your event. On your Calanques boat trip, some companies even offer petits fours and bottles of champagne to celebrate your hen party.

2. A snorkeling session

Do you want an atypical activity off the beaten track? Snorkeling is definitely a very original activity for organizing an hen party. It’s an activity that takes place on the surface of the water and is accessible to everyone, whether sporty or not. Leaving from the port of Pointe Rouge, you have the opportunity to reach an ideal spot for snorkeling andexploring the seabed of the Calanques National Park. Once you’ve arrived at a shallow cove in the park and anchored your boat, you can enjoy spectacular landscapes where sea and mountain meet, offering a rich and fascinating biodiversity.

3. A diving baptism

Why not set off in search of the deep seaand new sensations during your hen party? The only requirement is that you know how to swim. Set off from Marseille to a location selected for the richness of its fauna, the beauty of its relief and its optimal safety conditions. Experienced instructors accompany you throughout your experience to prepare your equipment correctly and communicate safety instructions. Once you’ve arrived at your designated location, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in calm, turquoise water where dozens of fish will be swimming around you. You’ll discover an often overlooked aquatic wealth just a few meters below the Earth’s surface.

4. A paragliding baptism of the air

What if you took to the air before your wedding during your hen party? Assisted by a state-licensed instructor, you’ll discover spectacular sensations of gliding and freedom provided by paragliding. Call on Marseille Parapente to fly over Cuges-les-Pins while admiring Provence as if you were a bird. Good to know: at paragliding, the bride-to-be has the option of leaving with photos and videos on multimedia media to keep an unforgettable memory of her tandem experience.

5. A cooking workshop

If you’re more of the stove team, opt for a cooking class! For an experience combining flavor, pleasure and fun, you’ve come to the right place! With your friends and wedding witnesses, you’ll take part in playful cooking classes around a new generation of culinary art in a friendly, good-natured atmosphere. During this gustatory experience, you’ll learn the secrets of a successful recipe thanks to the various advice of a chef from some of the greatest houses. A successful mix? Gourmandise, complicity and laughter, of course!

6. A burlesque striptease

What if, for the organization of your hen party, you took part in a burlesque striptease class? Olala Party offers you sessions of sensual and glamorous striptease in the presence of a professional artist who will share her passion and pass on her secrets for a successful experience. No prerequisites are necessary to take part in these classes, which are open to all women. For an hour and a half, you’ll mix dance, comedy and humor to your heart’s content. The main mission is to enjoy a unique moment where the beauty of the body is highlighted, all in good humor. Opting for a burlesque striptease for your hen party means combining sensuality, complicity and giggles!