Since the ascent of the Candelle in 1879 by the British Consul Mark, which symbolizes the will to conquer the summits, the calanques have continued, especially these last 20 years, to attract the friends of “vertical opera”.

The exceptional magnitude of the site, the fascination of the rock slabs and the needle-shaped peaks, the union of dazzling limestone and deep blue sea captivates the aesthete and the sportsman, two qualities found close together in the personality of the climber.
Many reasons therefore to respect this site if you wish to measure yourself against it. The calanques, one of the cradles of modern climbing, offer everybody, whatever their age, an appropriate « route ». If you are starting at 3, or attacking 8, the joy will be the same.

The main climbing sites are grouped into 6 sectors :
Les Goudes, Marseilleveyre, Sormiou, Morgiou, Luminy, La Gardiole ;
These sectors are also crisscrossed by trails.

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