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The best spots to run in Marseille

Whether you are a beginner or very athletic, rather nature or city center lover, in Marseille, you’ll find something that suits you, for sure! Come and take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the benefits of endorphins in Marseille and discover our non-exhaustive selection of the best running spots in Marseille.

Published on 29 September 2020

In the city

The Corniche Kennedy- A timeless classic

Because it is flat, the Corniche is perfect for beginners. The Corniche Kennedy offers a stunning view of the bay of Marseille. Rather short in distance, you can run along to the Prado beaches and the Escale Borély. This is the place to be if you want to enjoy the sunset while running.

On the way to the Goudes- endless running

Less visited than the Corniche, the view is just as incredible on the Mediterranean Sea! And for the bravest, why not jump into the water once your run is over? Something to get your legs going for the whole day! Choose to run in the off-season because it is a very busy route during the summer and you can face a lot of traffic. You can enjoy an incredible view of the Maïre Island and even extend your run to the Callelongue calanque!


In full nature

Luminy- for the fittest

A small jewel located in the heart of the calanques, it is also a  student and athletes paradise. Be careful, Luminy is not an easy course because of its inclines and slopes. But the place is worth the effort because you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the hills and of Marseille and with a little willingness, you can even discover the wonderful Belvedere of Sugiton!


The Campagne Pastré- Oasis of calm and vegetation

Appreciated by beginners and experienced runners alike, it offers different running levels within its dozen of shaded hectares, the ‘parc Pastré’ extends all the way to  Marseilleveyre. It offers a superb opening towards the forests of the Calanques (the Puits du Lierre, the Vallon des Trois Gancets, along the Marseille canal which crosses the park, more or less long circuits which allow you to reach the neighborhood of the Rolland cave…) The most motivated will be able to continue their run until the Calanques!


La Salette golf course

Amateurs or beginners, the circuit located between the Accates in the 11th suburb and the hills of Allauch will make you live a real moment of disconnection. The area offers different paths in the middle of the forest and will allow you to take a big breath of fresh air.


The canal of Saint-Julien

Very well known to running enthusiasts in the 12ᵉ suburb, the Saint-Julien canal is the ideal route for athletes (and for walkers). A natural and protected area, this 100% nature trail takes you between a hill and a pine forest, and offers a view of the city of Marseille, from the Olympique de Marseille soccer training center to the Orange Velodrome Stadium.


In parks

The park Borély- the most runner-friendly

The paths of  Parc Borély are very welcoming for a jog in the heart of this magnificent garden with the Château Borély in the background. It is a very popular place for joggers, walkers, but also for families. Avoid it if you want to run in a quiet place but it is a very convenient place with drinking water points, toilets, and a friendly atmosphere!


The ‘parc du 26ème centenaire’

Two steps away from the place ‘Castellane’, it is a green lung in the heart of the city, with its lake and its four themed gardens. It is just perfect for a sports break when you live in the city center. No need to travel miles to enjoy a bit of green and wide-open spaces.


The ‘parc des sept collines’

Out of the city center, in the 11th district near the Château De La Buzine, the ‘parc des sept collines’ welcomes you into a haven of peace, yet a 5-minute drive from ‘la Valentine’ shopping area. Its park has a fitness trail for those who believe running is not enough.

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