Marseille, proud of its craftsmen and companies

that represent "made in France".

The Phocean city has a cultural and natural heritage, but also a living heritage that makes people envious! Soap factories, ceramic craftsmen, Marseille designers… Discover the very exclusive group of companies that have been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) in Marseille.

Published on 13 January 2021

La Savonnerie du Midi

Starting this year we are proud to announce that the Savonnerie du Midi has joined the exclusive group of Marseille companies rewarded by the label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company).

A bit of history

Three brands existed at the foundation of the Savonnerie du Midi in 1894. Today only one remains, “La Corvette”, recognizable by its navy blue logo representing an old sailing ship and it alone encompasses 125 years of history.

It is a master soap maker who still exercises his talent to produce, in the rules of the art. Utilizing tools that are sometimes a hundred years old like “the cauldron”, traditional Marseille soap, whose content is 72% olive oil, remarkable for its simple geometric shape and its sides stamped with the initials “Marseille soap” to attest to its authenticity.

Museum and factory store

Since 2018, the site has been open to the public and welcomes visitors to discover its museum and factory store.

/!\ If you are short of time, you will find a range of products from the Savonnerie du Midi soap factory in our store!

What is the EPV label?

The label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company) is a state distinction associated with the recognition of rare and exceptional know-how. Created in 2005, it highlights French companies of excellence and the “Made in France”quality guarantee tag, particularly in the face of global competition.

Marseille's "EPV" labelled companies

In Marseille, we count 14 craftsmen or companies that have received the “EPV” distinction. They are :

  • Soap factories: the Sérail soap factory and now the Midi soap factory
  • Santon makers : the Arterra santons, and the Marcel Carbonel santons (santons : small hand-painted clay nativity scene figurines)
  • A luthier (string instrument) maker: Hommel luthier
  • An engraver, stamp maker and printer : maison Trabuc
  • The manufacture and repair of sails: Voileries phocéennes
  • The manufacture of petanque balls: Blue Ball
  • Designers with the bronze-maker S.A.E.E., the Compagnons de Castellane (restoration of freestone and masonry) and Vivian (restoration of ancient heritage)
  • An herbalist’s shop: Pharmacy of Père Blaize
  • Delicacies with the Dragées Reynaud (manufacture of chocolate dragees and silver beads)
  • The Borg Shipyard

If this list should contain any omissions, please do not hesitate to inform us!

The European Days of Crafts and Trades

Finally, you should know that since 2002, the European Days of Art Professions was created. During one week, the craftsmen of the arts  exceptionally open their doors of  their workshops to the general public. The privileged appointment is set from 6 to 11 April 2021 and the theme this year will be “Materials at Work”. So please note these dates in your planner now and be confident that this event will take place, while respecting the distances and barrier gestures associated with Covid-19.

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