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The place for your outings in Marseille

The Place des Canailles is coming to the Docks

7th of June 2021 > January 2022

Discover the new place of life in Marseille: ‘La Place des Canailles! Catering, wine tasting, culture… ‘La Place des Canailles’ is the new event not to be missed this year!

Published on 4 June 2021

Live the Canailles experience!

‘The vocation of the Place des Canailles is to trigger smiles on people’s faces’, and Alice Moreau, communication and marketing manager of the Place des Canailles, is sure to succeed!

On June 7th  next year, the Docks village will welcome an ephemeral concept, imagined by Anouare Boularouah, mixing  restaurant, cocktail bars, wine bars and many animations!

Extended on more than 1200sqm? Six spaces of food truck areas dedicated to cheese, meat, fish, sweets, bakery and vegetables,  all 100% made in France! A great way to pay tribute to the richness of French gastronomy.

‘La place des canailles’ aims to provide you  countless experiences, whether you come with your family, friends or colleagues!

The French art of living

‘Collateral cheese’, ‘small treats’, ‘crab baskets’… Here, humour and lightness are sure to make customers smile!

The outside, which is  the heart of the place, is surrounded by six well thought-out stands, which will delight the most demanding customers! Open from 8 am, La Place des Canailles is always busy, and offers its bakery stand to all morning gourmets!

At lunchtime, the seafood, meat or salad stands will be open to all lovers of French gastronomy. Come and taste all sorts of specialities and products  from the four corners  of France, with organic and PDO labels.

In the evening, enjoy the numerous  aperitif dinners organised, where everyone can compose their own plate according to their desires.

On the weekends, take advantage of the brunches for a convivial  moment with the family.

These gourmet halls with their many flavours from our region  give a delicious dynamic to the Docks village.

Three venues, three experiences

Around the food halls, La Place des Canailles offers three rooms with completely different programmes.

Discover the wine bar and its programme of tasting and discovery of the forty references offered by the bar. The tasting workshops, led by the producers, are a beautiful ode to discovery. At the back of the bar, ephemeral exhibitions, whose openings will take place every three weeks, are also open to all. And even if you don’t know anything about wine, don’t worry, there will be “Tasting for Dummies” workshops!

The second room plunges you into the world of cabaret.  Red chairs, bars more than 6 meters long, stone vaults and a small stage, this room offers a wide range of programmes every evening :  debates and conferences with a quirky tone, theatre shows for professionals and amateurs alike, live karaoke to be a star for a song, or even concerts, the “cabaret” room will delight the ” bon vivants”( good living) and the stars in the making ( that have to come).

The third and last room is the ‘Canailles jungle’, the most family-friendly of the three rooms. Immerse yourself in an exotic universe with jungle sounds and spaces strewn with frescos of tropical animals. The “Jungle Canaille” room is very colourful and has a warm atmosphere. It also features local merchants, with a 100% made in France shop. For the little ones, early learning and dance workshops will be organised every Wednesday this summer!

Present at the Docks until at least the beginning of 2022, La Place des Canailles is a place where everything is designed to awaken your senses, and simply to make you have a great time.