Vieux Port coucher de Soleil avec mâts des bateaux
Best spots

for sunset in Marseille

When you imagine the sunset, you think about the seaside and the last rays of sunlight over the sea. But you can also enjoy this magical moment in the city. From the hills or the middle of the fishing port, we are about to unveil the secret locations from where you will marvel at the sun setting over the Phocaean city and its surroundings.

Published on 6 July 2022

In the city

J4 Esplanade and the panoramic walk of the Fort Saint-Jean

Located in the heart of the city center, the J4 esplanade benefits from an ideal location to watch the sunset. With your feet in the sea or sitting on a bench, you can admire the ‘Palais du Pharo’ on the opposite bank and the Mucem behind you. At nightfall, you can see the most beautiful shades of blue, revealing the architectural prowess of the building. You can also walk along the panoramic footpath of Fort Saint-Jean that offers an amazing view of the sea.


Notre-Dame de la Garde 

From the top of its hill, ‘la Bonne Mère’ – the Good Mother – as the people of Marseille call her, is the highest point of the city. It offers a 360-degree panoramic view over Marseille and of course, over the sea. The hills display magnificent orange colors as the sun goes down on the horizon. In the distance, you can see the mythical Marseille Orange Velodrome Stadium and many of the city’s monuments falling asleep. It is a fabulous playground for photography lovers!

‘Palais du Pharo’

A stone’s throw from the ‘Vieux Port’, the garden of the ‘Palais du Pharo’ offers a  breathtaking view of the Mucem, Fort Saint-Jean, and the ‘Vieux Port’, of course. Boat masts seem to dance at the last light of the evening and the nightlife gradually takes shape in the distance. For a moment, this walk on the heights will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Malmousque Cove

Malmousque Cove is located on the Corniche Kennedy. This small fishermen’s port has a gorgeous view of the islands of Frioul and Château d’If, and is probably one of the best spots to enjoy a  sunset by the seaside. Think about the aperitif with friends, lovers or family, it is really worth it !

And a little further on...

“Les Goudes”


The end of the world is not as far away, it is in Marseille, in the small fishing port of ‘les Goudes’ only a few minutes away from the first Calanque. Only one road can take you there! This wild part is probably its best asset. Why not bring your picnic, sit on the rocks and listen to the sound of the waves hitting the coast? Side note for couples: this spot is very romantic. As a famous character from the ‘Jungle Book’ would say, all you need is ‘the bare necessities’ of life!

Prado beaches

If you want to admire the sunset with your feet in the sand or in the sea, Prado beaches are the perfect place! They are also pretty close to many restaurants and fast food, which would be a great place to enjoy dinner after this magnificent spectacle. 

The “Massif de l’étoile” or “Garlaban”

Take a deep breath of fresh air and get back in touch with nature. All you need to do is escape from the city center and hike up into the surrounding hills. From the heights of Allauch and Aubagne, the view is breathtaking. After a small hike without any difficulties, you will enjoy the breathtaking view, feet in the countryside: all in the greatest of calm.

The Cap Canaille 

Located between Cassis and La Ciotat, about 40 minutes away from Marseille, you will notice the height of ‘Cap Canaille’ since it is the highest cliff in Europe. It offers an unbelievable panoramic view of the coastline. The motorcycle lovers will also appreciate the mythical “routes des crêtes” which winds along the coastline.

From the sea, on board a boat

There is nothing like taking to the open sea to enjoy the sunset in complete tranquility.

The light fades with the rythm of the  waves and the big blue is adorned with pretty colourful reflections. Weather permitting, it is the ideal way to see Marseille and its monuments from the sea. Depending on the season, maritimes companies offer boat rides to enjoy a small aperitif at sunset.  This is notably the case for the ‘Ami de la Flâneuse’ (Friends of the Flâneuse) who offer private outings as well as tours for the general public.


Vallon des Auffes 

At nightfall, this iconic place of Marseille looks like a postcard, or rather like a painting with the most beautiful colours on it. Tainted with red, orange, and yellow colours, it highlights the warmth of the South in all of its splendor. It brings out the beauty of ‘les pointus’, typical fishing boats returning to the port. The sunset begins, then the terraces fill up to admire the sun going down behind the famous arches of the Vallon des Auffes bridge…