Pop In The City Marseille 2019 3©popinthecityPop In The City Marseille 2019 3©popinthecity

Pop in The City is back!

1st and 2nd October 2022

Pop in the City is an urban raid that takes place several times a year. Each edition brings together around 500 women and takes place in an European city. Marseille will host the 3rd edition of the year on Saturday, October 1st. So, if you missed the first Marseille raid in 2019, come and take up  the challenge for this new Marseille version full of surprises!
In view of the excitment generated  this year in Marseille, a new date has been added! So there will be 2 raids this year in Marseille, on October 1st and 2nd!

Published on 10 September 2022

What is Pop in The City

This is a full day event and each team is made up of 2 people. The pair will have to complete 30 challenges during the day. These challenges are divided into 5 categories:  Art, general culture, solidarity, extreme and sport, you will do them in the order you want. Unforgettable experiences that will sometimes give you cold sweats… Or have uncontrollable laughs! Challenges remain secret until the last moment! But to give you a small example, you might step off a building… but shhh! We won’t tell you more!

These challenges are spread out in different parts of the city, but don’t worry, you will be equipped with a map of Marseille and a road book. The day will begin at 7:45am with a briefing and warm-up. At 9am the top start will be given and at 5pm the end of the race and the closing of the challenges. The goal is to make a maximum of challenges and of course, the most important, to have fun and to discover Marseille in a fun and playful way!

To get around, everything is allowed: hitchhiking, scooters, bikes, public transport! No need to be a fierce sportswoman to participate, just a little common sense and strategy! Come discover or rediscover Marseille, in an original way! Bring your relatives, sister, mother , your best friend, cousin and why not your mother-in-law!

Register for Pop in The City

Careful ! Places are limited and leave in a few hours!  Bibs numbers and kits can be collected the day before, on Friday 30 September from 5pm to 9pm, or on the same day, Octover 1, just before departure between 7:15am and 7:45am.

Prepare your visit to Marseille

Coming to  Marseille

All European cities are chosen for their character and identity, but also for their ease of access and their varied accommodation. Train, car, plane, all roads lead to Marseille!


Some of the city’s hotels are offering preferential rates for the event, so don’t hesitate to contact them. You will find the list of hotels concerned below.

Marseille edition 2019
 Marseille edition 2019
Pop In the City Marseille 2019 - Le film par Little Gypsy

And if you feel like it, you can come and visit us at the Tourist Office of Marseille, we are located at the bottom of the Canebière street! Our reception agents will be happy to help you!