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Ideas for outings during the All Saints Day holidays in Marseille

The holidays have finally arrived!

Now you have to think about keeping your kids and teens busy for the next 15 days, you have no ideas? Don’t panic! A family outing, a workshop, a treasure hunt, a walk in the countryside, there is no lack of activities and outings in Marseille! Let yourself be guided and spend a family holiday without stress!

Published on 20 October 2022

Want to discover the city

Guided tours

The Tourist Office offers   guided tours for the whole family during the All Saints’Day holidays. From the  street-art in the ‘Cours Julien’, a treasure hunt  A la découverte des poissons et sirènes  ( discovering fish and mermaids) around the  Vieux-Port, a family quest through the Parc Borely or an exceptional discovery of the Cité Radieuse du Corbusier. So many visits that are worth a look!
> Discover all the guided tours of the Tourist Office of Marseille.

Invader was here

Go hunting for Spaces Invaders   with your children! These colorful little mosaics are hidden all over the city! During the summer of 2020, the street artist  Invader has installed his works throughout the city, start your “hunt” on the rooftop terrace of the building ” Le Corbusier”,  where it all started.

Take to the sea!

A beautiful sunny day, and hop on the boat and go to discover the Count of Monte Cristo on the island of the  Château d’If ! Only  30 minutes away  from the  Vieux-Port by boat, the Château d’If  offers a breathtaking view of the bay of  Marseille. During the All Saints’ Day holidays, discover all the mysteries of the island with your family!
More about the “if family” tour

The unmissable  Notre-Dame de la Garde 

If there is one thing to see in Marseille, it is the famous Notre-Dame de la Garde! All means are good to go up there, on foot (count 20 good minutes from the Old Port), by bike, by bus  (N°60) but the ideal if you have children, it is the small tourist train, which takes you on the Old Port and leads you directly to the Good Mother (as it uses to be called)!
Book your ticket for the little train

A desire for nature

Discover the educational farms

Open every day during the holidays. Children will be sensitized to the environment and learn about the animals on the farm as well as  the nature which surrounds  them. Educational activities and animations  will be offered (gardening, discovery of plants, introduction to organic farming, etc.) There are several educational farms in Marseille.

Take a deep breath of fresh air in the Marseille’s mountains

How about a nice autumn family walk? Because of its topography, Marseille is full of beautiful natural paths for everyone to enjoy, a breathtaking view, an immersion in the forest, here are all our ideas for walks in and around Marseille for a complete change of scenery.

Autumn in the Calanques

Come and discover the treasures of the Calanques National Park with your family. Until November 25th, from Marseille to La Ciotat, walks, shows and animations will be on the program. Here, you will find all the informations relating to outings in the Calanques : Automne des Calanques.

Want to learn

Everything you need to know about the planets

Visit the Planetarium in the garden of the Palais Longchamp.
A different program every day during school holidays, circuits for the very young and for the older ones, stars will no longer have any secrets for them!

Activities in the city’s museums

For the little ones who are curious, visits and activities are planned during all holidays in some of the city’s museums. Puppets and object shows will be in the spotlight at the  Mucem with the  festival ‘En Ribambelle’. The Château Borely also offers a wide range of activities for young people, including safaris, workshops and shows. There is something for all tastes and all ages!
At the  MAAOA (Museum of African, Oceanic and Amerindian Arts), children can attend a storytelling tour around  “Dia de muertos” festival.  During all the  holidays, le Château de la Buzine offers themed courses and workshops for children.

For OM team fans

Tours of  the Orange Vélodrome stadium take place every day, so your children will know all about their favourite team!

Want to move

You can go to the Prado Bowl or skate park of the ‘Friche Belle de Mai‘, your children will love it! your kids are more Tarzan-like? lead them on a tree climbing trip and why not accompany them in their acrobatics!

This year Les Docks Village is offering Jurassic Docks! An adventure course in the middle of the dinosaurs! It’s free and from 6 years old.

Winter is approaching … so why not try a winter sport like ice skating for example! Go to the Palais omnisports Marseille Grand-Est to enjoy an ice rink worthy of the Olympic Games!

The weather is not good?

Don’t panic! Even if it rains, you’ll never get  bored in Marseille!

The playgrounds

For the youngest,  Royal Kid or Magic City are real releases! Children can play in giant games to their enjoyment.  Urban Jump or KIP are indoor multi-leisure more for teenagers, where they have the possibility of doing Indoor Kart,  lasergame, bowling or giant trampoline.
Discover all the indoor leisure parks in Marseille

 Escape Games

There are many Escape Games in Marseille, for Harry Potter fans, for mystery fans, for moviegoers, for older people who want to get scared! From the most mysterious to the most frightening, your children and teenagers will find their happiness!  (illucity, time out, panic room, Dark dreams

For the fearless

Climbing walls are not left out! Suitable for all levels (even for the youngest), you can enjoy with your family the climbing rooms in Marseille. (Altissimo, la boite à grimpe, Climb Up …)

Events not to be missed during the All Saints’ Day holidays

Hero Festival

Superheroes will be in Marseille on November 5th and 6th!
An event that has become a must for the autumn. Two days out of time to discover fantastic worlds and characters straight out of a manga or comic book.
Find out more about the Hero Festival

Festival en Ribambelle

This festival, created by the Massalia theatre, delights young and old every year. A varied programme offering puppet shows, object theatre, object dance but also workshops. A dozen different shows where children will leave with stars in their eyes!
More about the festival en Ribambelle