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Parks and Gardens

Marseille enjoys a splendid location in an outstanding natural environment, between the sea, the hills and the Calanques. These natural frontiers, the sea to the west and the encircling hills, have helped towards the emergence and creation of original places and landscapes.
Half of the city’s area is made up of natural spaces, with over 400 hectares of public parks and gardens.

Old, like the Jardin de la Colline Puget, the first public garden created in Marseille in 1801, an archaeological site like the Jardin des Vestiges on the Corne du Port Antique, an idyllic setting with a view over the sea, such as the Parc Valmer, a brief moment of greenery, such as the Parc Longchamp or opening out towards the natural areas that surround the city, such as the Parc Pastré, Marseille’s parks and gardens are widely varied, like the city itself.