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Culinary traditions

A few ideas to satisfy your taste buds :

The famous bouillabaisse, pasta al pesto, seafood, rice with crab, alouettes "sans tête" (meat rolls), Provençal daube (stew), pieds et paquets (tripe), aïoli, tapenade (olive spread), anchoïade (anchovy spread), stuffed vegetables, stuffed squid, panisse (garbanzo bean rolls), chichi freggi (sweet fritters), rock fish soup and of course grilled bass, red or white sea bream served with "rouille" sauce.

The Christmas period is also a good time to share in ancestral culinary traditions, such as the "gros souper" and the traditional "13 desserts" and later on the "navettes" (boat-shaped biscuits) at Candlemas.