Skin diving

Since Greek and Roman antiquity, the beauty of the underwater landscape near the coastline of Marseille has attracted divers who look for the best. Today, the excellent reputation of Marseille in this area is maintained by the Fédération Française d  Etudes et de Sports Sous-Marins, the Institut National de Plongée Professionnelle, the Centre d ‘Océanologie and Comex , which collects world records in deep sea diving. In 2002 la Fédération organized in Marseille the « 9th Mondial de la Photo Sous-marine » (Sea Underwater Photography World Championship) and every yea the « Challenge de Photo Sous-marine » (Sea Underwater Photography Challenge) takes place in Marseille.

Diving Marseille, center diving Marseille...

The skin divers from all over Europe, who, all the year round, meet on the coastline of Marseille for their favourite sport, know this well.
Why not try yourself!

Many clubs and associations offer, in total safety, under the supervision of qualified instructors, first dives of several hours or proficiency courses of several days, the discovery of plant life or the exploring of wrecks.

From the Calanques to the many islands in the bay, a marvellous world is only a few metres away.