A vast network f trails criss crosses the massifs of Marseilleveyre and of Mon Puget. Follow these trails, rater than taking short cuts. They can be dangerous for you and fatal for the fragile plants which you will unwittingly trample underfoot &
hiking trail

Water points are scarce, so take water with you and do not light fires ; in spring, autumn and winter the climate and the light are the most pleasant. Anyway, apart from rhe GR 98 trail wich follows the coasline from Callelongue to Cassis and Wich can be used even in summer, the access to the other trails is forbidden in order to privent fires from 1th july to 13 september.

If you are independant type, in good physical condition, you can plan your route yourself using the information on car and bus access and maps, guide books and the other necessary documents...