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Marseille, the new projects

Marseille, the new projects

Marseille is in the throes of an unprecedented building programme. The world’s leading contemporary architects are working on redesigning the city’s profile. On the foundations of the past, Marseille is reconstructing the face of its future.

Le Mucem
The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations (MuCEM) is a major component of the future Cité de la Méditerranée. Stretching over 5 700 m², it will offer an exceptional exhibition venue, a 400 seat auditorium, a meeting and conference room, shops, a café and restaurant. The building was designed by the architect Rudy Ricciotti and will be finished in 2013.
Fort St Jean 13002 Marseille - www.musee-europemediterranee.org

The CRM: Regional Centre for the Mediterranean
A multifunctional site with a 3100 m² residential section comprising a 600 m² auditorium, conference rooms and a documentation centre. Situated on the esplanade of the J4, the building will offer a modern silhouette in the form of a C with the lower part submerged in the water. Cafés, shops, an auditorium and a documentation centre will share the building.

The Quai d’Arenc silo
Located on the Great Maritime Port of Marseille (GPMM), the disused silo testifies to the city’s industrial heritage.
Today, this building has been granted a second life. Eric Castaldi, a Marseille-based architect, is transforming the silo into a vast 2000 seat auditorium, next to a 520 m² conference, colloquium and seminar complex.

Tour CMA CGM Tower
The 147 m tower dominates Marseille. The headquarters of the world’s 3rd largest container company, CMA CGM, the glass tower was designed by the renowned contemporary architect Zaha Hadid.
This space will be a place of life and exchanges where cultural, leisure, economic and events facilities will merge.

Quais d’Arenc
Stretching over an area of 89 000 m², no fewer than 128 luxury apartments, 215 rental apartments and 48 000 m² of offices will be created on the site of a former warehouse. Jean Nouvel will create a tower of offices of around 150 metres, along with two other towers of 113 and 99 metres.

Euromed Center
The new cultural centre of Marseille, a complex designed by Massimilian Fuksas will be finished by 2013.
Luc Besson will install an innovative multiplex with leisure facilities alongside a 4-star Mariott Hotel, a convention centre, office space and numerous green areas.

The Memorial of the Marseillaise
The Marseillaise is coming back to Marseille and opening its memorial in a fun and interactive centre in Rue Thubaneau!
The Memorial of the Marseillaise is situated in the former real tennis hall which was home to the Marseille federates who made the “Song for the Army of the Rhine Army” famous before it was adopted as the national anthem.
This is a history interpretation centre, unique of its kind, with an impressive wealth of cultural and historical resources. Open in March 2011, it offers group activities as well as cultural events and a vast selection of spin-off works and products in a 60 m² boutique.

The Château de la Buzine: New château life
Made famous by Marcel Pagnol’s “Le Château de la Mère” (My Mother’s Castle) the newly-restored Château de la Buzine offers an emblematic site for cinema, a natural choice for the location of the Centre for Mediterranean Cinematography.
A total of 4000 m² are devoted to a film library and multimedia centre.
This complex will be inaugurated in spring 2011.

New Museum of History and the Ancient Port
Renovation and extension of the Marseille History Museum which will offer an area of 6 600 m² presenting the history of Marseille from Prehistoric times (Cosquer cave), through to the Roman era and Marseille in the Middle Ages. Opening in 2013.

The renovation of the Old Port
The project to reduce traffic and re-establish access to the port is being led by Norman Foster’s architectural firm.
The initial renovation phase will be completed in 2013. Maintaining the port’s activity is key. “The project designers are not having to start from scratch, our port has existed for 2 600 years. This Old Port has been protected and we want to modernise it by conserving the essential elements, retaining the image of the urban landscape without disfiguring it,” states the mayor of Marseille, Jean-Claude Gaudin.
The financial cost of the first phase of the works, until 2013, is estimated to be around 24 million euros. The second phase is estimated to cost approximately forty million euros. 

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